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Having trekked half the way across the country to collect a vintage bar over the weekend I can officially report that I have contracted a serious case of the cocktail making bug.

I’ve been busily leafing through vintage cocktail books and indeed basking in the delights of finding vintage brewariana bits and bobs, such as vintage Babycham adverts and Bakelite cocktail shakers. My new blog dedicated to cocktails and more specifically cocktails to help you get through the troubles with husbands is doing well and its related face book page has been gaining lots of new likes.

So this week I have been infusing gin with everything from Turkish Delight to Kiwi Fruits and I must admit that I was thrilled with the bright green shade that my Kiwi fruit infused gin turned out. Indeed I was so pleased with the emerald green shade of green of my kiwi gin that I created a cocktail for it, called the Green Godess:



Green Godess Cocktail Recipe


Gin and Ginger is a classic, but with the addition of kiwi it is legendary. This is a cocktail you need to plan, as you need to make the infused gin, 14 days in advance.


Combine 50ml of Kiwi infused gin with the juice of a lime, 3 drops of ginger bitters and shake with ice. Strain into cocktail glasses and top with champagne.


To Make Kiwi Infused Gin


Take a sterilised kilner jar and place two peeled (firm) kiwi fruits in the bottom, add two tablespoons of sugar and top with 700ml of London gin. Stir well and place in a cool, dark, place. Shake daily and after 1 week sample the gin for flavouring. Add sugar as required and leave for another week. Keep up the shaking daily until all the sugar has dissolved. After 14 days your gin should be ready.



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