When you first think of darts, you’re likely to picture a wave of fancy-dressed drunkards incoherently chanting for their favourite beer-bellied heroes. Whilst this still holds true, the The Flight Club is rapidly changing the face of darts by introducing a classy makeover to this much-loved pub game, says Kiran Shergill.

The recent rise in popularity for the game has spurred the opening of two swanky darts clubs in Shoreditch and Bloomsbury. With a fairground theme, complete with endless bulb lighting, dickie-bowed staff and a carousel designed bar.

The venues consist of several dart lanes (also know as oches). The board is automated to precision, so there’s no need for any frantic finger-counting The Flight Club concept consists of four pre-programmed games to choose from. Play each one as many times as you like in your allotted time. There’s:

  1. Demolition: play a shortened version of the classic game. All eyes on the triple 20!
  2. Quack Shot: aim for the inner circle to gain points. But hit the ring of fire and face the wrath of minus points.
  3. Shanghai: hit a designated number to earn points and race your friends to the highest score.
  4. Killer: eliminate your opponents by successfully hitting their assigned numbers on the board.

Gone are the days of dishevelled looking peanuts and pork scratchings. Flight Club’s menu is centred around a tasty assortment of sharing platters. Whether it’s pizza, fries or meat & veg skewers – there’s plenty of variety to mix and match from.  Be sure to finish off with the sharing brownie bites – perfectly fluffy and light. If you’re heading over for a weekday lunch, you’ll find a generous selection of main meals to choose from. Table service is provided so there’s no missing out on any precious darts time. Even better is the ability to pre-order food and drinks in advance if you’ve pre-booked a slot.

Champagne, cocktail slushies and craft beers are just a few of the options available on the mass drink’s menu. Crown the champion with an ‘In One’ signature shot of bourbon and popcorn syrup. Or, gather your group around a ‘Triumphant Trophy’ sharing cocktail of vodka mixed with a fruity variety of juices and syrups.

As far as boozy brunches go, the Flight Club has been voted the ‘Best Brunch in the City’. With 2 hours of unlimited pizza and a bottle of Prosecco per person, along with up to 30 minutes of darts fun in the oche, it’s easy to see why this dart’s haven has earnt itself this much coveted accolade.


Whilst you’re unlikely to hear the deafening cries of “180!!”, the Flight Club has a relaxed buzzing environment to make any event a success So brush off your throwing skills and head down to see what all the fuss is about! For more info and to book a slot, please visit: http://flightclubdarts.com/