August 31, 2016


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

We often see the new “Social Justice Warriors’ (SJW) of this day and age get away with their antics, ruining careers,  rioting, stifling free speech, all with impunity and making a mockery of the word “justice,”  so when we see an example where a drunken, foul-mouthed, verbally abusive crybully becomes the joke of the Internet, the word “karma” comes to mind.

Quick recap for those that haven’t seen the viral video of a supposed “feminist” who became verbally abusive to a Lyft driver because he had a dashboard hula dancer in his vehicle, telling him it is “offensive,” and that he didn’t think about the “pillaging of, like, the continent of Hawaii,” berating him, demanding he take it down, before finally calling him “you f*cking selfish dumb*ss idiot,” right after accusing him of being “very rude and extremely entitled,” to which he was not as viewers will see below. He was even polite when pulling over and booting her out of his vehicle.

Before detailing one of the best cases of social media justice against a SJW we have seen in a long time, watch the video (language warning) where she threatens to send the video she admits she is taking of this entire episode,  to “Gawker,” and to turn this driver into a Intenet “meme,” by publicly humiliating him, right before she, herself, becomes the Internet “meme.”

After this video went viral, a series of events occurred in rapid succession across the Internet, which we will detail below, but since they are occurring across different social media platforms, some of the timelines overlap.

Quick note about Annaliese Nielsen, the woman who took the video, and was written about in March 2016 by ABC News highlighting an exclusive all-female digital club. Ms. Nielsen is described as a “feminist,” yet is also the founder of a website called “GodsGirls,” to which I am not linking to because it is an “alt-porn site,” which according to Wikipedia, under controversies, pictures were posted to that site including nude images of a minor.

After the video went viral, Ms. Nielsen attempted to get the Lyft driver fired, but the company changed their mind after Ms. Nielsen sent them a copy of the video she made and they realized she was the aggressor, not the victim. She was the one attacking the driver, not the other way around, but of course she didn’t tell her followers about that part, it was shared on Facebook by the woman that exposed her on YouTube, Lauren Southern.


On Twitter the day after her drunken rant was exposed, the abusive social justice warrior decided to change her user name to @dickyfeynman after Twitter users tore her apart,  so someone else took her original name and created a parody account andpinning a tweet on top which states “I will only give you this handle back if you buy a bobble head hula girl and take a selfie with it in front of a Trump sign.”

The parody account also offered a “timeline of events:


Also found on that account is an explanation, shown as a two screen shots from Annaliese Nielsen’s Facebook account, which does not show her public posts unless a user follows her, so to get the screen shot, the person that shared it, Cassandra Fairbanks, is either a follower of Nielson’s, or knows one of her followers, but it appears that Ms. Neilsen is now attempting to act like the “victim,” in this whole thing, while admitting she was drunk the night it occurred. Ms. Fairbanks shared the following screen shots with a message saying “Her response is also entertaining.”




The irony here is that by threatening to turn the Lyft driver into an “Internet meme,” which would have deliberately and maliciously targeted him for online and offline harassment, while trying to get him fired from his job, she is now pretending to be a victim because a video she took of herself being obnoxious and rude to a man just doing his job, with a dashboard hula dancer in a car he owned, is causing her to suffer the same fate she threatened the driver with.

As multiple reddit threads, forum posts, YouTube commenters, Twitter users and writers from across the web are all calling this social justice warrior out for her antics, we are finally seeing a social justice warrior receive social “media” justice.

You’ll be like the next internet meme, it’s going to be super funny.” – Annaliese Nielsen to Lyft driver she harassed.

We wonder if Ms. Nielsen still thinks it is “super funny.”