Prosecco it seems is in danger of becoming as cliché as Babycham as we reach fizz fatigue.  Recent stats show that Brits are  responsible for buying one in every five bottles of Prosecco produced. Supermarket sales of the fizzy stuff are up by 34 per cent to £356 million and it by far outsells its luxe (and pricier) rival Champagne.

According to the latest statistics from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association more than two thirds of sparkling wine sales by value go through Britain’s retailers, and almost 90% by volume, although the category is growing fastest in the on-trade. Yes, it seems that Prosecco has been the drinking girls darling and has been popping a bit of sparkle into the British champagne flute, but now it seems we may be after something a little different. We’ve had the magical product called Shimmer For Prosecco, which turns standard Prosecco into a glittering, rose gold vision, but essentially it’s just the same old Prosecco filled with edible glitter that swirls around the glass instead of quickly sinking to the bottom,  so in short  glitzy fizz!
So if you’re ooking for something to add that touch of sparkle to your life, you may be delighted by the announcement that blue Prosecco will be soon be hitting the shops in the UK. Yes, Prosecco has gone blue and whilst a striking colour not everyone is happy about it. The Blue Prosecco: Blumond is a combination of Prosecco, peach flavouring, and blue curacao, meaning you get a sweet, fruity flavour in addition to the exciting blue hue. It’s basically a cocktail in a bottle, but at only 7% ABV it’s closer to a beer in alcohol content than it is a wine.

It’s already on sale in China and America for £16 a bottle but it’s heading our way, with plans to start selling the drink in Sicily next month. Now whilst we may think its all a bit of fun, the Italians are in uproar, fterall for Prosecco to be called prosecco or sparkling wine, legally it must contain 10% alcohol. Blumond only contains 7% alcohol. The Italian’s are understandably not happy at their sparkling wine being turned into a gimmick that is the alco-pop of the wine world, but I predict it will be a hit in the UK.

Indeed  Fratelli Sarecini (the company responsible for turning Prosecco blue), are allegedly in talks to start selling the product in Harrods. I imagine there will be a few blue themed weddings making a feature of a blue toast.
If you can’t wait for this blue tipple to arrive to the UK then follow my recipe to make your own version, by combining sugar syrup, Curacao, peach schnapps and Prosecco in a glass.

Curacao is a liqueur that has an orangey flavour to it; which it gets from the peels of the laraha citrus fruit that is grown on the island of Curacao. The laraha are descendants of the Valencia oranges that were brought to Curacao in the 1500s by Spanish explorers and whilst they are too bitter to be eaten raw, the peel can be used to produce a sweetly fragranced .liqueuer. Curacao liqueur is actually colourless and blue colouring is added to give it its

Blue Curacao is a liqueur that is most commonly used to make striking cocktails and its citrus flavour gives a nice refreshing citrus flavour.

Combine the following ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice

1 shot Blue Curacao

1 shot peach schnapps

1 tsp sugar cane syrup

Shake well and strain into a champagne flute top up with Prosecco. The perfect way to chase away the blues.  Enjoy Chin! Chin!