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Coping With Coronavirus 9. Steamcleaning in Seconds!




See this photo? It’s my steamcleaner and I think it’s the most useful and important thing in my house at the moment.

You just fill it up with water, turn it on, and it’s boiling hot and ready in seconds.

I don’t need bacterial wipes or a bucket of water. I just hold it in my hand and blast literally everything in a few minutes. And of course, boiling hot steam kills most germs, and it also loosens dirt and grease.

Starting at the front, I do the front door, the hallway floor, the bathroom from head to foot; the sink, the bath, shower heads, down and around the loo, the tiles and the floor.

In the kitchen, I do the cooker, which makes cleaning it a lot easier, work tops, cupboard doors, in the sink, etc.

I do the sofas and carpets in the lounge and bedrooms, and when I strip the bed, I do the mattress, pillows and duvet.

It doesn’t make things wet. They’re just damp for a few minutes.

You can buy a steamcleaner quite cheaply online and I highly recommend getting one!



I had a small piece of pork shoulder left, but as it was quite fatty I nearly binned it. Big mistake!

Luckily I felt ashamed of myself, so I cut it up and blitzed it with some onion, a couple of carrots and some garlic.

I added a tin of tomatoes, filled up and rinsed out of course with water, and blitzed it again.

Tip the contents, scraping out the bowl, into a saucepan and turn on the heat. Bring to the boil, stirring it around.

Add about a quarter of a red or green pepper, finely chopped, and a few chopped mushrooms. Stir.

Now add a large handful of breadcrumbs, which I hope you’re saving. Stir it in.

Don’t look so surprised. Commercial food businesses have been padding out their food with breadcrumbs and other things for years!

Add a handful of lentils, a shake of Balsamic Vinegar, or Soy Sauce if you haven’t got any.

Season & add any herbs that you fancy.

Cover well with water and simmer it for a couple of hours. All the fat will melt and add to the flavour. Stir occasionally and top up with boiling water if it dries out.

Turn off the heat to save your heating bill. It will carry on cooking in the heat, and absorb all the liquid.

When you need it later in the day, top with water again, stir and cook gently for about 50 minutes. Or cover it and place it in the fridge when it’s cool to use another day.

Serve with pasta, a jacket potato, or make it into Cottage Pie by placing in a baking dish, covering with baked beans, and then mashed potato.

NB You should get three meals out of this.

Remember, you can always fill yourself up more by serving a soup, a salad, and bread.

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