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Coping With Coronavirus 8. False Alarms.


Another clear, sunny day without a cloud or contrails in the sky. And the roads are silent. Our lungs must be healthier without the pollution!

Coronavirus is a contagious virus and the news is full of it day and night.

The trouble is, it fills our thoughts all the time and we worry about catching it, of course.

But it’s making us all neurotic. I sneezed twice while I was vacuuming the lounge. Of course, I always sneeze as the dust is disturbed. Now though, it made me worried.

And what about men? Most men can’t even breathe without grunts and groans, sneezes and sighs. We call it Men’s Noises.

I think we need to relax a bit. From what I read, we’ll definitely know if we catch it!

The preventions and cures are coming out now. My favourite is hair drying your nostrils for 20 minutes to kill any germs.

Here’s a delicious war recipe from Marguerite Patten’s Wartime Cookbook.

Housewives and the Government were experimenting all the time to use available ingredients to produce tasty recipes.

Of course supermarkets hadn’t been invented yet and rationing limited supplies. Some of the recipes they produced were very clever.


potato rarebit
potato rarebit

Add some milk and seasoning to mashed potato and beat well until creamy.

Mix in a generous amount of grated cheese and spread on buttered toast.

Place under the grill and heat until browned on top.

I had some potato left over from my Potato Pancake so I used that. And I topped it with sliced tomatoes.

Coping With Coronavirus 7. Life Carries on.

We had it for brunch and I highly recommend it. We’ll definitely be having it again!

potato rarebit
potato rarebit

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