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What can you do if you have Coronavirus symptoms but the ambulances are busy?

Here is some advice to help yourself until they can get there.

First, don’t panic. Sit forwards in an upright chair and try to relax.

Get an electric fan running at high speed. Get your face in front of it with your mouth wide open and breathe deeply.

If you haven’t got an electric fan, get someone to fan you with a newspaper or something similar.

Breathe in steam with a towel over your head. Read my recipe.

Drinking black coffee. Here’s a surprising one. Apparently the caffeine can help the airways. And of course it’s therapeutic to give someone a drink.

Lie down with the head and knees supported by pillows.

Try pursed-lip breathing.

Keep as calm as you can. Breathe deeply and slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Remember, these methods are temporary until help arrives.

In Coping With Coronavirus,  2 & 3 I’ve told you about plants that can help with the virus, including nettles.

Ginger is another one. You should make them now so you have got them on standby as herbal tea.

pigsty pie

pigsty pie. Not much sauce!


Of course, shepherds watch sheep, so cottage pie must be beef!

But I made mine out of pork, so should it be called PIGSTY PIE?

It was the 3rd meal from my Bolognese Sauce made from leftover pork shoulder. See

We had Pasta Bolognese, Jacket potatoes with Bolognese Sauce. I could have made it into Chilli Sauce.

There wasn’t much left, but when finished there was plenty for 2.

Cover the Sauce with a tin of Baked Beans (common in post-war recipes.)

Add Grated Cheese on top of the Beans.

Cook Potatoes and mash well with Milk and Marge until smooth and creamy.

Spread it on top of the Sauce and Beans, and top with a sprinkle of Breadcrumbs to make it crispy.

Heat through in the oven for about half an hour.

If you want to pad it out even more, serve it with some cabbage and carrots.


pigsty pie

pigsty pie. A complete meal.