One positive thing about Coronavirus is that, with all the world’s planes grounded, the sky is clear and unpolluted.

For the first time since 9/11 we can gaze up at the sky at night and see all the stars.

By sheer coincidence, I bought my husband a telescope for Christmas, with plans in it of the night sky.

If you’re stuck at home, why not take up a new hobby; Astronomy. It’s fascinating, spotting and recognising stars.

I’ve found a useful website, but there are lots of them.

Astronomy for Beginners: How to Get Started in Backyard Astronomy

There are also some excellent sites that you can load onto your phone. When you move your phone around, it tells you what stars you’re aiming at.

Last night, I was talking to our daughter on the phone when she shouted, ‘The stars are moving!’

I looked up and, in front of Venus, there was a star moving like a plane; and another, and another!

Of course, they weren’t planes. They were too high up. and they weren’t satellites as they were moving at different speeds.

I’d like to think they were Aliens, watching us and planning how they can help us.

Take a look tonight. It’s fascinating, just gazing upwards. A good way to do it is to lie on your back, on a blanket or a garden table.


I’m really proud of this recipe. I wish I could patent it!

I’ve just read a book about British families who lived in luxury in China until the Japanese invaded it and put them all in prisoner-of-war camps.

They had to adjust very quickly, and one of the things they ate was a porage made out of their old bread.

I’ve hunted, but I can’t find a recipe for it anywhere, not online and not in any of my Wartime Recipe books. So I invented one.

Surprisingly, it was a great success, and really delicious! It smells and tastes a bit like Weetabix.

Well, bread is made out of wheat.

I’ve called it Prisoner’s Porage. Do try it, even if you haven’t run out of breakfast cereals.



You are saving your old bread, aren’t you? You should be blitzing it and drying it in the oven. It will keep indefinitely.

Place some crumbs in a saucepan, add sugar to taste and cover with milk. Gently heat through until it reaches boiling point, stirring all the time. Add more crumbs or milk if it’s too thick or thin.

Serve it to your family without telling them what it is. You can tell them when they’ve eaten it.

CoronaI added a spoonful of strawberry jam. But you could add dried fruit, nuts, chopped banana or apple.

Let me know in the Comments box at the end what you think of it.