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Coping With Coronavirus 10 Applause for the Workers!

Last night (Thursday) at 8pm everyone went outside to applaud the key workers who are keeping our country running.

The Royal children applauding

Even the three Royal children were filmed applauding.

It started a bit hesitantly; after all, we are Brits and a bit shy and reserved. Then gradually it got louder and louder. You could hear people all around the town applauding, cheering and whooping.

After 10 minutes my hands hurt, and it was freezing cold. But I think everyone was in tears. It was a very moving, and wonderful occasion, bringing us all together. It’s something that we’ll never forget.

Today I suggested that next time, we should all sing a song. Here’s my Top 10.

Animals, We’ve gotta get out of this place.

Peggy Lee, Fever

Beatles, We can work it out.

Robbie Burns, Auld Lang Syne.

Land of Hope & Glory.

Fontella Bass, Rescue me.

Martha & the Vandellas, Nowhere to run.

Vera Lynn, We’ll meet again.

Moody Blues Forever Autumn (Cos you’re not there.)

And my favourite for group singing, Tremeloes, Even the bad times are good.

I put this on our local Group & the additions were really funny. They started coming in within seconds!

Do feel free to add your suggestions in the Comments box at the bottom.



This looks mushy, but it’s a delicious meal that keeps for several days (if there’s any left!)

You can adapt it, using different quantities and whatever you’ve got available.

Can of sardines & the juice. Remove the bones.

Chopped beetroot.

Bacon slices, grilled until crispy & chopped.

Potatoes, boiled until soft & cut into small portions.

Hard-boiled eggs. Peeled & chopped.

Onion, chopped.


Sour cream.

Paprika, to taste.


Lemon juice.

A tomato, chopped, or about half a dozen cherry tomatoes.

Carefully turn it over in a bowl to mix. Taste it & add anything you fancy to make the flavour stronger.

Serve on lettuce.

I served it with garlic bread, hot from the oven.


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