The temperature is rising, the weather is getting hot. Hot weather means the outdoors. Nobody will be able to lock people inside during hot seasons. People will want to breathe some cool fresh air, people will want to tint their skins. With that being said, I expect a very very close ending to the Covid-19 curfew, whether it really existed or not. North Carolina started the movement. Today, while driving around doing my work I was surprised. Social distancing and stay at home seems like they never been required. In Fort Will, there is an astonishing river surrounded by a large park and stores. People were like bees outside. It was packed. No masks, no distancing. It felt the people revolted against death, walking with a look in their eyes that says we were here first, life is ours and Covid-19 cannot take it away. I walked where the people were walking, during my break. Just inhaling the scent of the water, spoiled by the breeze of the trees made me feel the same way. I stopped on a small bridge for a short thought. Does this virus really exist? It might but I still don’t believe it. Did it really kill people? It might happened and if it did, only God knows why but my condolescence to the people who lost someone. But on the other side, there are people who die everyday for different reasons. Was it all bad? I do not think so. Why? What if that was nature’s defense against our corruption and carelessness? During the epidemic, I was 90% of the time outside and around and I am perfectly fine as every single one I know. Was Covid-19 choosing its targets? Or is it the “Governments” doing the work? We the simple citizens will never know, at least not today but the upcoming days will reveal some truths for sure. North Carolina is a pretty green place with nice people. I now feel its nicer and greener but as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. Personally, I think Covid-19 is nothing but our fear of the unknown and our foolishness of believing everything we are told. Didn’t we become more civilized and organized? Or, didn’t the rich get richer and the poorer died? But has always been the case anyway. A long trail was aside of the river. There were people camping on the sides, others fishing. Some just enjoying the sun rays while reading a book. Some were walking their dogs and kids. A whole community is outside to live in harmony with nature. We should appreciate life and cherish the gifts that God gave us, that is for me the reason behind Covid-19. These days are its last days so I am wondering how is the future going to look?