As the cold weather creeps in there is nothing better than staying indoors and enjoying good, home-cooked comfort food. However, the moisture, grease/cooking residue and smoke from creating wholesome winter warmers can add a lot of grime to kitchen surfaces. Indeed one area that attracts dirt and grime in the kitchen that is often overlooked is the ceiling.

To remove the film of muck from your kitchen ceiling simply

Mix a small amount of washing-up in a bucket of warm water, add 10 drops of pure lemon oil (essential oil) and gently scrub with a sponge, using only a minimum amount of water (not enough to drip). The same solution can be used on kitchen walls!

This is also a great time to go through food cupboards and reorganise them. As the cold weather sets in we tend to feel the desire to nest and get supplies in, but before stocking up our pantries and store cupboards with ambient delights, it is always good to take stock of what we have in.

Start by going through your herbs and spices and throw away those that are past their best and use up those bits in bottoms of jars that are still good. I label by herb and spice jars with the date I open them and discard them after six months, which is when most dried herbs and spices lose their oomph.

foodPull all the tins and boxes of food out of cupboards and reorganize them it’s amazing how things get shoved to the back over time and you end up with multiples. There are the tins of things that you bought on impulse and just never found a use for and all the bits and pieces you just keep forgetting about…get them out of the cupboard check them over and put them at the front to remind you what you’ve got in. if it’s still good, but you really are never going to eat them consider giving it to a local food bank