Eastbourne book signing

 After three days of a GP visit and blood tests I am afraid this week’s missive will be shorter than usually.  I felt the health service had taken enough of time and was determined to grab a day to do something that I have always enjoyed.  Wednesday 9th August was the annual ‘Meet the Authors Day’ at the Selsey Centre in Manor Road.    Around thirty authors get together to talk about their writing, and hopefully sell or book or two.  This has been run for many years by the lovely Joan Moules, a true storyteller and for the last few years has been helped by her two daughters. I have been going to the day for a number of years, long before to West Sussex and always look forwards to chatting to fellow writers, like Peter Lovesey, Simon Brett and Roberta Grieves to name by a few.

Authors busy singing and talking about writing

The day started with torrential rain, but my lovely husband said he would drive me there, set up my table and stay with me.  He usually grabs the afternoon to go for a walk at HIS place, but this year it was not to be.

Writers pose for a picture – note my stick hidden from view!

It was a super afternoon and spoken to several most interesting people who wanted to know how I started writing, how I did my research for my books, and how many hours I spent writing a day.  Not enough was my answer to that one, although I didn’t enlarge on why.  I did manage to sell several books, but the icing on the cake came from a reader who bought Shipwrecks of Sussex last year, and sought me out to tell me how much he had enjoyed the book.  At the end of the day we were both extremely tired, but I very happy to see to have made the effort and see everyone.  That night we decided to go out for a Chinese meal, but after such a good day, Thursday saw me suffering, but I made the effort to go to hydrotherapy, which made my back and joints less painful.

Selsey Centre Meet the Author day

Today I am struggling but with a visit from our two sons over the weekly, I am pacing myself today.


If you are a lover of books, then next year do think about going along to the ‘Meet the Authors Day’ which is part of the Selsey Festival.  Many of the books are at discounted prices and it is a chance for you to try out an author you may have read before.   Next week I will try and do better!!