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Updated List of our Talented Writers’ Publications – great reads for everyone!



Here is the latest list from our writers. The B-C-ing-U! Writers are many-talented. A lot of them are published authors, so why not take a look at what they have for sale?

There are some great Reads here, and you can  purchase a unique present for someone special!

Why not order a personally signed book? You can have it delivered straight to the address of your choice.


A Dark History of Tea (Hardback)

British History P&S History Social History

By Seren Charrington-Hollins
Imprint: Pen & Sword History
Series: A Dark History
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 32
ISBN: 9781526761606
Published: 10th June 2020


A Dark History of Tea looks at our long relationship with this most revered of hot beverages. Renowned food historian Seren Charrington-Hollins digs into the history of one of the world’s oldest beverages, tracing tea’s significance on the tables of the high and mighty as well as providing relief for workers who had to contend with the ardours of manual labour.

This humble herbal infusion has been used in burial rituals, as a dowry payment for aristocrats; it has fuelled wars and spelled fortunes as it built empires and sipped itself into being an integral part of the cultural fabric of British life. This book delves into the less tasteful history of a drink now considered quintessentially British. It tells the story of how, carried on the backs of the cruelty of slavery and illicit opium smuggling, it flowed into the cups of British society as an enchanting beverage.

Chart the exportation of spices, silks and other goods like opium in exchange for tea, and explain how the array of good fortunes – a huge demand in Britain, a marriage with sugar, naval trade and the existence of the huge trading firms – all spurred the first impulses of modern capitalism and floated countries.

The story of tea takes the reader on a fascinating journey from myth, fable and folklore to murky stories of swindling, adulteration, greed, waging of wars, boosting of trade in hard drugs and slavery and the great, albeit dark engines that drove the globalisation of the world economy. All of this is spattered with interesting facts about tea etiquette, tradition and illicit liaisons making it an enjoyable rollercoaster of dark discoveries that will cast away any thoughts of tea as something that merely accompanies breaks, sit downs and biscuits.


Victorian Piccalilli

Seren Evans’Charrington has copies of her book, The Pleasure of  Preserving by Seren Evans-Charrington, normally priced at £12.99 but £10 including postage to any of  our readers or if you fancy a pre-made jar of pickle I have pear and ginger piccalilli priced at £4.25 per jar including postage.


Here’s Ann Evans’’for sale’ list:

BOOKS BY ANN EVANS – www.annevansbooks.co.uk

Become a Writer, a step by step guide. By Ann Evans

Become a writer new smaller
Become a writer


The Bitter End by Ann Evans and Robert D Tysall (Published by Bloodhound Books)

tn The Bitter End
The Bitter End


  • The Bitter End.  ISBN-13:978-1912604432

Kill or Die by Ann Evans (Published by Bloodhound Books)

tn killordie
kill or die


  • Kill or Die By Ann Evans   ISBN-13: 978-1912604432

Short reads for reluctant readers by Ann Evans (Published by Badger Learning) https://www.badgerlearning.co.uk/


tn viral

Message Alert

The Prize

A Little Secret

Promise Me



Living the Lie


By My Side

How to spend like a celebrity

Kicked into Touch

Straw Men

Red Handed


More books for children and YA readers

The Trunk https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trunk-Ann-Evans/dp/B088GL5XHR

The Beast

The Reawakening


Celeste (Re-release coming soon)


Celeste is a young adult time slip thriller set in present day Coventry and in Medieval times.

Available from the usual outlets in paperback and as an ebook. Amazon link below, or contact my via my website for a signed copy:


  •   ISBN  978-1500982492

The Uninvited (Re-release coming soon)

Contact Ann for copies of all the above. ann-evans@btonnect.com

Little Tyke Murder Mysteries (Whodunnits for 8+ years)


Fishing for Clues


Stealing the Show

Pointing the Finger

Pushing his Luck

Romance by Ann Carroll (available in libraries in large print – coming soon as paperback and ebooks) Contact Ann Evans to pre-order:  ann-evans@btconnect.com

A Tropical Affair

tn A Tropical Affair
A Tropical Affair

Champagne Harvest

A Place to Belong

If you spot a book on my website that you’d particularly like a signed copy of, get in touch. Or you should be able to buy from sources such as Amazon. In particular watch out for: The Beast, (award winning) The Reawakening and Rampage.

Coming out in a ‘box set’ in ebook form in the new year.

I have 31 books published for children, teens, reluctant readers and adults. Take a look at my website: http://www.annevansbooks.co.uk and if you want a signed copy of any, get in touch.


Ann Evans



Patricia Newell-Dunckley has the following Books available.    “Letters of a Travelling Lady” with one hundred stunning photographs of England.  “Wallis the Woman I Love” a Royal romance.   “The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating Porcelain”.  Good for beginners or advanced porcelain artists.    www.patriciasartworld.com


Book Cover


For 350 years, not a lot happened in the London cab trade – until 2016, when the changes came thick and fast: crazy road re- modelling schemes; mandatory credit card acceptance; the rise of Uber; the War on Diesel; and the launch of a new electric taxi.

It’s a tough life on the cabs, but someone has to do it”, says Chris Ackrill, who has devoted much of his adult life to the London taxi trade. With frankness, humour, and a thorough attention to detail, Chris gives his unique take on new challenges that threaten the very existence of the trade. He’ll answer the questions you were afraid to ask. He’ll tell you how the London cab trade works on a practical basis, what we really think of our passengers, and what it feels like when you miss the turning for Heathrow and head into the countryside. He’ll tell you why Millwall supporters make the best cab drivers, why dogs make the best passengers, and how listening to Motorhead can result in a speed awareness course on a Sunday morning in Newport Pagnell.

Book out now: available from York Publishing Services.http://www.ypdbooks.com

(also available on Amazon).

Dominic’s novel;yellow reign

Yellow Reign by D.S.ADAMS

When a young woman living an innocent life on a farm in the American Midwest is thrown into a world of genetic hybrids and rabid humans, she is forced to fight for survival in a city destroyed by greed.

Available for download and hardback.

Available for purchase via Andrews UK, Amazon, and other selected online book retailers











Lyn Funnell has;

The First Book of Short Stories


The Second Book of Short Stories


The Third Book of Short Stories.


Most of these were previously published in various magazines.

Adverse Camber

A selection of poems, a lot of which have been previously published.

ASIN B008OK3EC1  Do read and enjoy T’was Christmas Eve in the Dole Queue.

Get Out of Debt and Stay Out – Forever!

A completely unsympathetic book full of unusual constructive ideas to get your life back on track.


St Anthony of Padua, a humorous but serious novel about an old lady’s cruel treatment by the Sister in a retirement home. St Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of old people.


The Girl Who Watched.

This is a novel based partly in Cuba and partly in the UK.

I have a few left in hard copy which can be signed and posted to you.



Willy the Whizz and the Wormhole is for Young Adults aged 15-95!

Will Spalding had an IQ of 172. But nobody knew it yet. And nobody would realise it even when he constructed what was probably the most amazing invention that the world had ever seen; a Stargate into other worlds. Actually most of the world would never see it!
Read the hilarious story of what happens when Will’s little sister Maud crawls into it, and how Will and his friends (with the help of Einstein the dog) try to get her back without Will’s Mum Pru finding out

All Lyn’s books are available as Kindle downloads, from Amazon and all good online bookshops, some of them for the amazing price of under £2!

Sadly, we lost the lovely Wendy last year. But her books are still available.

Wendy Hughes has;

1. The Story of Gower pub. by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 1992 and reprinted in 1998.

2. The 6-8 Fun Book (stories, facts and activities) pub by EPB Publishing 1992

  1. The 9-10 Fun Book (stories, facts and activities) pub by EPB Publishing 1992
  2. The Story of Pembrokeshire pub. by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 1993 and reprinted in 1998 and 2000
  3. Tales of Old Glamorganshire pub. by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 1994
  4. The Story of Brecknock pub by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 1995
  5. Stickler – The Elusive Syndrome pub by Celtic Connection 1995
  6. Not Just Bread – Chronicle of a local Bakery – pub by Suirway Publishers 1996
  7. Prehistoric Sites of Gower and West Glamorgan pub by Logaston Press April 1999
  8. Anglesey Past and Present – Gwasg Carreg Gwalch July 1999
  9. Ten Years On – The founding of The Stickler Syndrome Support Group with biographical sketch of Dr Gunnar B Stickler – published November 1999 by Acorn Publications
  10. Crumbs of Hope – The story of Hope Romania told through a series of impressions and emotions interspersed with quotes and thoughts for the day. Pub by Orchard Press March 2000
  11. Contributed a chapter to Medical Humanities pub by Royal College of Physicians March 2001
  12. A Photographic History of Your Town – Brecon – WH Smith and Friths Photographic Collection – pub September 2002
  13. Horizons of Hope –Pub by Parchment Pub May 2003
  14. Images of England series – Walton on Thames – Tempus Publishing September 2003
  15. A Celebration of your Town – Carmarthen – Ottakars and Friths Photographic Collection – to be published October 2004
  16. So You Think You Know? Carmarthen – Ottakars and Friths Photographic Collection October 2004
  17. Carmarthen An Illustrated Miscellany – Ottakars and Friths Photographic Collection October 2004
  18. Historical Walking Guide of Your Town – Carmarthen – Ottakars and Friths Photographic Collection – published May 2005
  19. Stickler The Elusive Syndrome 2nd Edition – Published by Celtic Connections Second revised edition – November 2006
  20. Haunted Worthing – The History Press October 2010
  21. The Story of Pembrokeshire –New revised colour edition – Gwasg Carreg Gwalch March 2011
  22. The Story of Gower – new revised colour edition – Gwasg Carreg Gwalch March 2011

25.Shipwrecks of Sussex – The History Press – April 2011

26 Not a Guide to Worthing – The History Press 2013

27 The A-Z of Curious Sussex – The History Press 2017

All books are available from Amazon or from Wendy at; <wendy@stickler.org.uk>


Buried Secrets cover
Buried Secrets cover

Harry was a funeral director during the 1970s and 1980s, Buried Secrets is an hilarious book full of amusing anecdotes. Harry fell into a grave, with the coffin slowly sliding on top of him. Only a few weeks into his new career, he reversed the limousine into a lamppost, and had to confess to his guvnor. Then he went to work for the Royal undertakers, making repatriations to all over the world, always on the instant response team, involved in the Herald of Free Enterprise, Air India, and Lockerbie/PanAm. It is available on Amazon at £2.99 for the e-book, or £6.99 for the printed version.

Hotel Secrets cover
Hotel Secrets cover

Want to know how not to run a hotel? Harry Pope’s Hotel Secrets is all about his disastrous partnership owning a £1m Eastbourne hotel. It was doomed from the revelation that his American business partner had borrowed £100,000 on credit cards which had to be repaid – quickly. The book takes you all the way through from planning the hotel purchase, to how the sorry saga unfolded. £3.99 on Amazon for the e-version, or £5.99 printed.