Patricia Newell-Dunkley Photographs by Reginald J.Dunkley.


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Greetings from down under where today we are celebrating Anzac Day. April 25th is one of the most important occasions in Australia’s history. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australia and New Zealand Forces during the First World War. A national holiday and all over the country ceremonies take place, with dawn services and marches even in tiny country towns. It is one day on the calendar that is taken very seriously and treated with respect and honour.  Lest We Forget.

Tasmania seems a good place to visit at this time of year with plenty to see and much activity taking place. It is widely known for having the cleanest air in the world, plus the best scenery and richest history compared to other states of Australia. Combined with its beautiful landscapes, warm people, delicious food and wine; it is a wonderful travelling destination, both to explore the stunning wilderness, or the charming cities and towns.

Tasmania is an island off the south-east corner of mainland Australia, next stop is Antarctica, encircled by the Southern Ocean, Tasman Sea, and Bass Straight, hence the clean air and pure water, plus extremely fertile soils. The wine and food are acclaimed around the world.

Hobart is the capital city and is full of charming Heritage Buildings, world-class restaurants, art galleries, and the Maritime Museum full of fascinating history. There is boutique fashion in Eastland Malls and the famous Salamanca market with 300 colourful stalls, plus buskers serenading you as you shop. It has a 150 hotels and any other type of accommodation you may desire.


Two and a half hours north of Hobart is Tasmania’s second largest city, Launceston which is a great destination for lovers of food, wine connoisseurs, nature lovers, culture vultures, and admirers of
Victorian Architecture.

If you are after a beach escape Frecinet and the East Coast is the place to visit, with beautiful sandy beaches on the shores of Coles Bay.  Here you can feast on fresh oysters and crayfish to your hearts content.

Serious bush walkers can head to the Lake St Clair National Park and stay in accommodation at Cradle Mountain, and soak up the atmosphere of this rugged Mountain Region. Fall in love with glacial lakes and picturesque scenery along tracks which are some of the most popular in all of Australia.


This region is home to some of the finest vineyards and wineries in the state.  Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair are part of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage area, covering one fifth of Tasmania. This area has six National Parks and beautiful pieces of nature, forests, beaches, caves and plains.

A visit to Tasmania would not be complete without touring the site of one of Australia’s most infamous prisons, the World Heritage-listed Port Arthur. Separated from Tasmania by a narrow neck of land, Port Arthur was once known as the “inescapable prison” housing hardened criminals subject to harsh punishment. Today the convicts and guards are gone but the stories – set in an equally dramatic landscape of craggy cliff faces and the remnants of more than 30 buildings remain. Port Arthur historic site is about l00k (60 miles) southeast of Hobart. A popular tourist attraction and easily reached by car and coach.


Here at Shelly Beach all is well with birds flying in for their daily food, Lorikeets, Butcher Birds, Magpies, and Fairy Wrens. However the white Cockatoos have now flown north as the weather cools down.  I took a friend for lunch to Shelly Beach Golf Club which is five minutes away, with magnificent views overlooking the ocean and the course.  The food was good too!  Princess Pixie the Pomeranian is very happy and healthy with her nasty lump removed and she had a lovely bath in a mobile unit at the door.  The surfers are still pounding the sea looking for that magic wave, and the weather is finally cooling down.

Cheers.  Patricia.