Shelly Beach hang glider landing

Patricia Newell-Dunkley – Photographs by Reginald J. Dunkley.

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Seasons Greetings from down under where Australia is on count down for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and all the celebrations that go with this time of year. Many of these include cruising the Islands, Fiji, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Samoa, Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea, Morton Island, which is a very popular way to spend the festive season and no cooking.  However, there is always the Central Coast of New South Wales, which never fails to delight.

Here at Shelly Beach the garden is in full swing, with Butcher Birds considered by many to be one of our best songsters. Their sweet music can be heard loud and clear, with series of rollicking warbling notes and loud whistles. The White Cockatoos are back together with the colourful Lorikeets, and the Kookaburras are still sitting on the back fence laughing in their inimitable way.

Baby Molly had her first birthday party right at Shelly Beach, within walking distance to the sea, a fine gathering of friends and family celebrated in style. While the little ones romped on the grass, others took advantage of the lovely weather to go for a swim. A true picnic day with plenty of food and drink and a good time was had by all, especially Princess Pixie the Pomeranian who was duly spoilt.

Tuggerah Lake surfer

For our entertainment a beautiful wedding took place and we watched as the scene was set and the chairs arranged, with the backdrop of the ocean in all of the photographs. The bride in her white gown and bridesmaids in rainbow colours, it was a perfect day for such an occasion.  It is a popular location for summer weddings at the beach.

The holiday season is upon us and the tourists will soon be flocking to the beautiful Central Coast of N.S.W. Starting down the coast from The Entrance with its high rise stunning hotels and ocean beach at one side of the peninsular, for swimming and shopping and Tuggerah Lakes on the other side for fishing, boating, and known as “The Pelican Capital of Australia”, where the pelicans are fed 365 days a year much to the pleasure of the locals and tourists alike.

Five minutes from The Entrance nestled on a headland is one of the Central Coast best kept secrets Toowoon Bay. It offers a picturesque small bay surrounded by a reef which becomes exposed at low tide, offering protection from the ocean swells and providing safe swimming for all ages. It also provides a huge caravan park and camping sites, a complete holiday experience.


Next comes Shelly Beach renowned for its surfing and considered one of the most beautiful and popular beaches, offering a dog-friendly beach nearly 1.5 km from the beach access walkway to just before Toowoon Bay.  It also has a magnificent golf Club with multi-million dollar views overlooking the ocean. Five stars for this. Shelly Beach Holiday Park has 20 cabins where you can enjoy your own piece of paradise right on top of the beach.

Following the coast line is Bateau Bay an exquisite beach with its natural sea-side flora and fauna and stunning coastline walks. Bateau Bay is extremely popular for fishing from the beach itself or the coastal rocks, which are ideal to explore at low tide. It is walking distance from Crack Neck Point lookout, which features the perfect Central Coast spot with amazing views over The Entrance and further north.

Bateau Bay is home to the Wyrbalong National Park which spans 140ha. Be on the lookout for Goannas, the Tawny Frogmouth as well as other exciting wildlife. Close to the shops and the perfect base for the holiday experience.

Along the coast is Forresters Beach which is a quieter beach with scenic views and a popular spot for hang-gliding and bungee jumping, and the Forresters Beach Resort the complete Function and Conference Centre.

Bird Kookaburra feeding

Taking a hop along the coast we come to Terrigal featuring the iconic Skillion.  Terrigal beach is dominated by a line of well-established Norfolk Pines along the esplanade. Terrigal is very popular and extremely ritzy and well known for its upmarket social centre and a favourite place for Sydney-siders.

Surfing, swimming, boating, waterskiing and fishing. Anglers regularly find flathead, snapper, and jewfish offshore and flathead, blackfish and bream in the surf.

For those that want deluxe beach accommodation The Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific offers just that.  Facing the beach with panoramic views of the sea, 199 hotel rooms each with its own balcony, three restaurants and bars.

Pristine beaches, stunning coastline, and lush bushland, Terrigal Village also offers boutique shopping, gourmet eateries, and heaps of entertainment.

The Central Coast of N.S.W. has it all and is an ideal place to live.

Wishing you a festive season and all the best for 2018.

Cheers.   Patricia.