Patricia Newell-Dunkley – Photographs by Reginald J. Dunkley


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Greetings from a very warm Australia, in this New Year which seems to be zipping away, with January already gone. Our borders keep opening and closing with regularity, and the bucket list grows.

However, it will be worth it once we can all start travelling again, and where better than the State of Western Australia. This glorious location has so much to offer the tourist, with summer all year round. Blue skies, clear turquoise sea, and the whitest beaches on the 12,500 kilometres mainland coastline. Plus, its many islands and Archipelagos.

Perth is the capital city in W.A. and there are nineteen stunning beaches to explore, including Cottesloe Cable, Lucky Bay, with idyllic island getaways, luxury cruising escapes, and many sailing adventures to be had.

Gaze in awe through snorkel masks or a glass-bottom boat at the magnificent marine life.  Enjoy a close encounter with wild dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and the biggest fish in the ocean – the gentle whale shark.  You can witness one of the greatest whale migrations on the planet or even try some big-game fishing.

Western Australia is also world-renown for its surf, wind surfing and kite surfing. Known around the planet for one of the best big-wave surfing locations on earth for its spectacular breaks. With forty top spots along the coast.

With two of Australia’s World Heritage listed Wonders on the coast of Western Australia. Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef, the largest fringing coral reef in the world located so close to a landmass. Just footsteps from the beach and the reef can be accessed, making it an easy snorkel from shore. With a rich coral garden and tropical fish it is a perfect Marine Park.



Shark Bay (Malgana Gutharraguda, two waters) is found in the Gascoyne region, north of Perth. One of fourteen places in the world which provide outstanding examples of ongoing ecological processes, unique natural phenomena and significant natural habitats where endangered species and planets reside.

This World Heritage area is of extraordinary global significance, with spectacular coastal landforms, many bays and inlets, and a remarkable amount of wildlife which makes it an area which must be seen to be believed, from dolphins to dugongs, fishing, and wild flowers, the area is a huge National Park.

It is truly magnificent!

Then there is Margaret River! This is the place for premium wine, first class restaurants, stunning beaches, tall timber forests, and ancient caves.

The wine region is made up predominantly of boutique size wine producers. Dunsborough, Busselton and Yallingup. There are all varieties of tours to each, sophisticated yet relaxed, meandering from cellar door to cellar door, easy and spectacular, with vistas of magnificent farmland, wine country, and the coast.

Also renowned for its wildflowers, blooming between August and

November. With eighty percent of these fascinating flowers only to be found in W.A. There are also three hundred species of delicate orchids, that only grow in the south west. Sheets of colour as far as the eye can see.

Do not miss the spectacular decorated limestone caves, which are an underground wonderland, formed approximately one million years ago.  Lake Cave with its marvellous reflections. Jewel Cave and its enormous chambers. Mammoth Cave or Ngilgi Cave where you will learn the aboriginal legends. Each shimmering with natural beauty.

For those in need of a retreat from every day life, this might be the perfect place.

Here at Shelly Beach all is well, the birds are still flying in for their breakfast and Charlie the Pomeranian loves sitting in the sunshine.

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Cheers Patricia.