Greetings from down under where a few State borders are being opened, South Australia and Queensland.  Victoria is gradually recovering, and New South Wales is on track.

The good news is that The Ghan is back and now is a great time to sit back and enjoy travelling in comfort through the heart of Australia in pure luxury. Named after the Afghan Cameleers who once traversed this route. The Ghan will take you from one edge of this continent to the other in luxury.

In 20l9 The Ghan marked up ninety years of outback crossings, and needless to say much has changed since 1929.

This elegant train, with its sumptuous food, polished private cabins, first class service, and wonderful company from fellow travellers, with friendships forged for life, is now back on track.

With the off-train excursions which allow you to get a real feel for the places the train travels through.

Adelaide to Darwin, Adelaide to Alice Springs, Darwin to Alice Springs.

Enjoy the very best of the dramatic scenery and diverse experiences offered by the contrasts between Australia’s vast interior and its rugged coastlines, which have to be seen to be believed. You will be entranced by the might of Kakadu, The Gorge Country of Katherine, and the subterranean life of Coober Pedy, plus the supreme tranquillity of the Barossa Valley, and fascinating Kangaroo Island.

The rail journey from Adelaide to Alice transports you to a sacred and spiritual landscape unlike any other on the planet. It is home to mind blowing natural wonders and rich in history. You will learn Dream-time Stories of the local Aboriginal People and marvel at the colourful sunsets of Uluru.



At the Top End you can explore the spectacular Litchfield National Park, and witness the famous jumping crocodiles, along with many other attractions.

Explore the highlights of Alice Springs Town and the spectacular outback scenery of West MacDonnell Ranges. Enjoy beautiful walks at Simpsons Gap and Stanley Chasm, with an opportunity to swim in one of Central Australia’s most pristine waterholes at Ellery Creek. Combined with a journey on this Ghan, what better way to explore the heart of Australia.

The rail journey from Adelaide to Darwin features incredible landscapes and off train excursions along the way, for an even deeper connection with nature take the Kakadu Splendour Itinerary and into the heart of this wonderland.

Platinum service passengers enjoy private cabins with en suite and full amenities, complimentary continental breakfast, oversized windows for panoramic views. On-call cabin stewards and in-cabin menu. The Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car provides upscale dining at two meal sittings per evening.

The Ghan does not run during December and January and the High season is May to August

This is a trip of a lifetime on one of the world’s greatest train journeys, never to be forgotten.

Here at Shelly Beach all is well. The grass has finally been cut and some roses have been pruned, spring is definitely in the air although the weather has still been hot and cold. Charlie the Pomeranian has an early walk every morning with a friend, and is set up for the day.

With the event of the bush fires and the loss of so many trees, and birds. The powers to be have put out a call for people to feed the wild birds in back gardens, and also to identify the birds if possible. People have responded to the call.

Not much has changed here, and my garden is full of birds every morning waiting for breakfast, and the variety is still there, lorikeets, parrots, wrens, magpies, sadly no sparrows.

Meanwhile at Shelly Beach the surf has been beautiful, with surfers braving all elements in their usual way. Everyone is distancing, but finally allowed to move around a little more. With summer just around the corner hopefully lifestyle will be able to improve.

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Cheers. Patricia.