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Greetings from down-under where the weather is sublime, with fresh breezes and bright sunshine all over this Easter time.

It is the perfect time to visit Canberra, Australia’s capital city and the only state that truly has four genuine seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring in Canberra is enchanting. You will find flowers in bloom everywhere and the weather warm and cosy.  It is the perfect time for outdoor exploring, with fresh perfumed air and magnificent cerulean blue skies. This is the time for bushwalking and cycling around the lakes and watch the city burst into colour.  1st September – 30th November

Summer is the perfect time to explore the outdoors. Put on your wide- brimmed hat and your cotton top and explore the outdoors. Canberra has an abundance of magnificent parks, lakes, rivers and reserves all close to the city. You can be as active as you like or enjoy a lazy picnic in the shade. Make sure you splash on the sunscreen! 1st December -28th February

Autumn (or Fall) is an outstandingly beautiful time of year to follow Canberra’s seasonal passage, as the whole city changes into hues of red, gold, russet, ochre and crimson, as the many exotic trees transform.  1st March – 31st May

Shelly Beach surfer

Shelly Beach surfer

Winter and Canberra is very cold, the sun still shines brightly but you need to rug up. This is an ideal time to visit the many superb galleries and museums, enjoy ski-ing, skating and relish the snow-capped mountain views.  Indulge yourself in the many fine restaurants and taste the local wines.  Winter is also fashion time.  Dress up in the latest finery, posh boots, hats, scarves and gloves. You are after all, in the capital city of Australia. 1st June – 31st August

With the seasons come special events to suit the varied climate.

Glorious Floriade in spring showcasing one million flowers in bloom throughout Canberra’s Commonwealth Park with free entry.

Summernats in summer is an annual car festival, street machines with airbrushed artwork and restored and modified cars.

Wine Harvest Festival in autumn launches a wine week with more than 50 wines on offer, and wine tasting hosted at New Acton.

Truffle Festival in winter is when the villages throughout the region celebrate fresh black winter truffles with many tastings.



Autumn in Canberra is definitely a wondrous sight to behold, and a great time to enjoy the magical spectacle of colourful trees. There are special walking routes to take to experience the vibrant scenery.

The Red Hill Track

Lotus Bay to NLA

Kingston Foreshore to the sculpture garden.

Canberra is one of the most beautiful, cleanest, secure and hospitable cities in the world. Among its attractions include the Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, The Royal Australian Mint, to name but a few. Canberra is full of surprises and a good way to see it is by hot air balloon.

It is nestled conveniently between Sydney and Melbourne. Australia’s vibrant multicultural capital city offers one good thing after another.

Here at Shelly Beach we have been invaded by holiday visitors and the warm weather is perfect for the beaches which abound along The Central Coast, The Entrance, Blue Bay, Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach and Bateau Bay, all favourites at this time of year.

The garden is full of birds Lorikeets, White Cockatoos, Magpies, Yellow Wattle birds, White Streaked Honey Eaters, and the Brush Turkey has taken up permanent residence. Princess Pixie the Pomeranian is getting used to seeing the turkey all the time and no longer is worried by her.

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Cheers.   Patricia