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Greetings from down under on this Australia Day the 26th January, 2019,where the whole country is sweltering in heatwave conditions.  However, nothing stops the celebrations and everything that is great about being an Australian. The land, sense of fair go, our lifestyle, democracy, and the freedom that we enjoy, but essentially our multicultural people.

It also marks the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival in Sydney in 1788.

Glorious Sydney Harbour takes centre stage beginning at Barangaroo Reserve with the Wugu Ora morning ceremony a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and a special indigenous dance. The Aboriginal and Australian flags are raised on top of The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the largest steel arch bridge in the world.

The iconic Ferrython takes place with the tall ships and a flotilla of all shapes and sizes circling the sparkling blue water of the harbour. The historic Rocks area of Sydney is alive with markets and music, and you can ferry to Taronga Zoo, tour the Sydney Opera House, or Sea Life at The Aquarium, even climb the Harbour Bridge. Alternatively relax on the soft sands at Bondi and other north shore golden beaches.

Celebrating all things Australian and starting with Pink Diamonds, Western Australian Argyle Pink is beyond rare. One in a million is a term that is more than appropriate for these exquisite gems. For every million carats of rough diamonds mined each year, only one carat makes it to the gem quality to be offered for sale.

Before the discovery of the first diamond sparkling from an anthill in the East Kimberley of Western Australia, Pink Diamonds were a scarce resource. Today Australia is the birthplace for 90% of Pink diamonds sold world-wide. It is estimated that by the year 2020 the mine will yield no more, making them even rarer.

A collection of six rare stones was previewed in Sydney in 2018 and then toured Hong Kong and New York, where a handful of lucky collectors from around the globe did their bidding.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially Pink.

The small coastal town of Broome in Western Australia is famous for their magnificent pearls and shells. Discovered in the Pilbara Region in 1861, by 1914 Broome was supplying 80% of the world’s Pearl Shell. Broome has a fascinating history and a quirky reputation, with its multicultural population, Chinatown, Old Broome and Town Beach.

Australian South Sea cultured pearls are the biggest in the world, there are white, golden, black, pink, baroque, all stunning lustrous pearls for your pleasure. September marks the end of the pearl harvest season and is a fine time to visit and celebrate “Shinju Matsuri” The Festival of the Pearl. Events such as Sunset Long Table Dinner, Beachside sculptures, Art awards, Music, and beautiful Pearls.

Opal. Australia produces 95% of the world’s Opal. Black Opal is the most prized but all opal is beautiful and much coveted.

Lightning Ridge is a small outback town in north-western New South Wales, situated on the southern border of Queensland and is famous for its Black Opal. This rich multicoloured gem stone has long been a favourite jewel. Broken Hill N.S.W. is also known for its quality black opal.

Coober Pedy in South Australia produces the bulk of the world’s White Opal.

Australia is rich with bejewelled bounty, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Copper, Opals, Pearls, Sapphires and Truffles, which are pure gold to name a few.  It has much to celebrate on Australia Day.

Here at Shelly Beach we enjoy the beautiful seascape, with temperatures in the thirties and soaring everyone is escaping to the beach.  Princess Pixie the Pomeranian is enjoying the air conditioner and so am I.   All the best for 2019.

Cheers.  Patricia.