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Welsh Witterings:  The World Yoga Festival at Henley on Thames 


They say that variety is the spice of life and so I thought I’d go out of the comfort zone of my historical recipes and cookbooks and venture to The World Yoga Festival in Henley on Thames to provide some very indulgent baked goods and very modern vegan breakfasts.

I’d never been to Henley on Thames before, but it lived up to the descriptions I had read. Indeed as I traveled through the town it was notably fashionable and boutique with unspoiled shops such as a traditional butchers and smokers, called, Gabriel Machin,  that boasts having been in the town since 1910 and even an inn that Charles I is reputed to have frequented.  There were plenty of floating gin palaces and a rather nice looking bookshop that I resisted visiting; more out of a lack of time than out of sympathy for my over full and groaning bookcases.20190801_1542341

However, I was not visiting Henley on Thames to browse the shops and take in the atmosphere, I was visiting The World Yoga Festival which is a unique and splendid event in its own right. They ran various yoga classes and I even got involved in preparing the herbal brew for the cacao ceremony….not everyday you get asked to do that. Once on the festival site it was work, work, work as I baked on site and chatted to and served customers all day and into the night.  The feed back I received was extremely positive and in spite of my aching feet; I will do it all again next year.

There was plenty to see and hear, but as the festival drew to an end an unexpected visit from Russell Brand saw a flurry of activity from the festival crew and resulted in him munching on one of my most popular vegan chocolate brownies…he did wave at me and thank me for the brownie as he left the festival.

Well, this week I am switching my baking apron for a 1950’s housewife apron as I head to Dunstable to talk about the changing face of the high street and how the way we cook and eat has evolved since the end of rationing in the 50’s.

So armed with my apron, mixing bowl and a lot of props I shall look forward to meeting the good people of Dunstable and can’t wait to hear their memories of the High Street!20210503_152853