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Weald on the Field Returns!

It’s great to see Events returning.

Audience enjoying the group playing.

Yesterday we went to the Weald on the Field in Uckfield, Sussex.

Apart from a couple of showers, the weather stayed fine and warm and the field was full of families enjoying themselves. Everyone was pleased to see it actually going ahead, and there wasn’t a mask to be seen!

First sight in the field was a lady blowing massive bubbles, with a group of enthralled children trying to catch them.

Nearby was a pen with sheep in from a local farm, and a goat with her adorable little kid inside a trailer. Again, it was very popular with everyone, with lots of Oohs and Aahs.

farm sheep with admiring audience.

Fairground rides lined the field’s fence, and stalls covered most of the field, selling a variety of things from tie-dye clothes to toys, face painting for the kids, and lots of food and drinks.

Happy people walked along carrying a mug of beer, or a cup of coffee, munching on burgers or hog roast in a bun.

A little boy walked past with a tiger painted on his face.

The smells of barbecued meat and sausages wafted around the field. And the ice-cream vans were doing a roaring trade.

Straw bales were laid at one end of the field for people to sit on to watch the groups on the stage and a marquee with chairs and tables provided cover against the showers.P1020341

Our local radio station, Uckfield FM, played music in between the groups and announced what was happening.

See my article; https://b-c-ing-u.com/celebrities/how-to-run-a-radio-station/

There was a wonderful happy, friendly atmosphere and everyone was having a great time.

We’ve waited a long long time for events like this to return, and let’s hope they never have to stop again.

The Carnival has been cancelled. Nobody know why. But we’re all looking forward to all the other events that may happen before the Winter.

Fingers crossed.


Uckfield Radio has an Outside Broadcast team.


(01825) 891 105 .

One Response

  1. How wonderful to have things up and running again.
    Rural England at it’s finest.
    I remember Uckfield because, when we moved to Watford, we always drove down the A22 to Eastbourne and when we reached Uckfield we knew we were nearly there xx
    I don’t know if there is still a folk club there ?

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