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Spain´s Biggest Chair – No Longer the Biggest Chair in the World


By the side of the road from Cordoba to Malaga in Andalucia, the A-45, around kilometre 70 is an enormous chair. This is Lucena, about halfway between home and Malaga airport for me and always a site to be looking out for and one saying we´re halfway home when the kids were young.

Lucena had rich chair-making industry, some of which still survives, and the chair marks the spot of one of those surviving companies – Huertas Brothers or Hermanos Huertas. They set out to gain the world record and did so in April 2005. The seat of the chair houses a business centre and museum section. It also makes a great viewpoint from which to see the surrounding countryside and the Ermita de Nuestra Señora la Virgen de Araceli, the popular chapel on the hill.



The giant chair weighs 120,000 kilograms and is made from 230 cubic metres of timber, which to put it into perspective could make about 9200 everyday chairs. It was the largest chair in the world for many years topping the Americans who had begun to make bigger and bigger chairs. In the mid-20th century many more chairs appeared and they became taller and taller, the only reason was to be the biggest chair if only by a foot or two!  A non-stop process which began in 1905 with a 12 foot chair in the town of Gardner, Massachusetts. The big chair making fad really took off with the start of Guiness and the recording of odd achievements in the 1950s. There are now dozens of big chairs spread across the United States and Guiness now has different categories of chairs too!

Lucena´s chair measures 85 feet high (26 metres), and topped the highest in The States by more than 40 feet to gain its title. It held the Guiness record for years before being overshadowed by a bright red chair in St. Florian, Austria which is 98.5 feet. It may not be the biggest chair in the world any longer but I´m sure it is the biggest in Spain and it is definitely the biggest one I have ever seen.