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Shelly Beach Snippets No. 140 April, 2022.


Patricia Newell-Dunkley – photographs Reginald J. Dunkley.

Greetings from down under with a catch-up of wonderful places to visit in Sydney, Australia.  A spell of ill health has kept me away, but I am back in full swing.

The Royal Easter Show was celebrated in fine style this year with a visit from Princess Anne, opening the event.  This favourite Royal of Australians was here for the bicentenary, and stayed for three days enjoying the spectacle.

The Agricultural Hall has everything you could possibly think of in the way of food. The display of produce from around Australia is mind blowing when seen in this way.

There are pigs and goats, cats and dogs, birds, and all kinds of animals on show with competitions being run and prizes being awarded. It is very much a State Fair and huge fun to visit.

The Easter Show was deemed Royal in 1891 by Queen Victoria, and has been a huge success ever since.

It is well worth planning a holiday in Sydney around this special event, as it will be one that will be remembered with affection.


There is much to see in Sydney with its natural beauty of Sydney Harbour, and its iconic buildings.

The Opera House is full of surprises and delights as you go behind the scenes with a guided tour.

You can have a swim at the famous Bondi Beach with its most photographed swimming pool in Australia.   You never know who you are going to meet.

Discover Wattamolla Beach with its beautiful waterfall, all within The Royal National Park.  The waterfall is one of the most photographed natural wonders anywhere in Sydney.

Take a ride on the Manly Ferry and enjoy the scenery of Sydney Harbour as it glides past Taronga Park Zoo, beautiful harbour-side beaches.

Be energetic and climb Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship.\

Take a tour to the beautiful Blue Mountains only an hour from Sydney. Gaze at the Three Sisters and the fantastic bush views.

Have a drink at the Tower Restaurant with its panoramic scenes.

The Royal Botanical Gardens

Street Art at Newtown

The Rocks guided tour

Vaucluse House.

The list goes on and on. You will need at least three days to see Sydney, but well worth the effort.

Meanwhile at Shelly Beach we had a surprise visitor in the garden. A Kangaroo had hopped in and was sitting in the middle of the lawn. Needless to say, Charlie the Pomeranian was very intrigued, and not quite sure if he should give chase.

All was revealed when an agitated neighbour appeared on the scene to rescue him. Apparently, she was looking after him for the Wildlife Rescue Team. He happily hopped away with her and the birds flew back for their breakfast.

The surf at Shelly Beach has been enormous with very rough seas, but nothing stops the surfers.

Cheers.  Patricia