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Patricia Newell-Dunkley – Photographs Reginald J.Dunkley

Greetings from down under where cold weather is raging,

but the sun is still shining.

This is an ideal time to travel on The Ghan, one of the

world’s great journeys and travel through the heart of

Australia in absolute comfort, while enjoying all inclusive

regionally inspired cuisine, and beverages. Well appointed

cabins and Off Train excursions that allow you to connect

to the places the train travels through.

The Ghan is an Australian experiential tourism passenger

train that travels between the cities of Adelaide, Alice

Springs, and Darwin in the Adelaide-Darwin rail corridor.

Operated by Journey Beyond Rail expeditions. It takes

Fifty-four hours to travel the 2,979 kilometres with a four

hour stop-over in Alice Springs. The Ghan has been

described as one of the world’s great passenger trains and

hailed as a National Treasure.


From Adelaide to Darwin or vice versa. The Ghan showcases

the diversity of this island continents, with inclusive Off Train

experiences in Maria to witness an outback sunrise.

Alice Springs has been heralded as the artistic capital of the

Northern Territory. With more Art Galleries per population than

anywhere else in the country. Quality Aboriginal Art that

directly benefits local aboriginal people.

Visit Ayers Rock (Uluru) and enjoy the scenery of Australia’s

rugged red centre. Enjoy a unique Camel tour.

The city of Adelaide was named after Queen Adelaide, the wife

of King William IV, and was founded in 1836. It was the only

freely settled province in Australia. Adelaide has a fascinating

history and is well worth a read.

The Ghan delivers much more than a train ride. It gives access

to parts of Australia no other holiday can offer. A perfect balance

of comfort and adventure, culminating in a moving travel experience

in the outback and beyond.

Here at Shelly Beach all is well. I had a huge flock of pure white,

Yellow-crested Cockatoos in the garden, feasting on nuts from the

two pine trees in the front garden. They are very clever. There has

been a lot of birds visiting including the nightjar.

The sea is very rough at the moment, but the surfers are enjoying

the challenge.

Cheers. Patricia.