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From the 1,000th Hill No 58 The Rainbow Suite Solar Plexus Centre




Energy centre….solar plexus.     Note E       Colour yellow

Template 3 yellow.


Honour oneself.



The solar plexus encompasses the middle back, the stomach, small intestine, liver and kidneys etc.

Have you “digested” everything that life has given you. Are you able to “eat it up and spit it out “ as the song says, or do you find some things in life “galling”.

This centre governs not only your actual digestive tract, but the way you digest life itself.

“I can’t stomach it.”  “My stomach’s in a knot.” “yellow-livered”  “It’s such a belly ache”. There are a thousand clichés to cover our feelings about the way we handle things around us, from the T.V. programmes to the circumstances of our family and work environments.

This centre is particularly prone to overstimulation in our modern world as we are bombarded with how to live our lives every minute. If you buy into these pressures and allow yourself to be on some sort of self-worth-through-external-things-bandwagon, you are in for a lot of stress and intestinal problems.

{By the way, your sinuses and skin are also affected by your digestion of food and thoughts.]

Chill, man. Life is what you are, not what you have !  Aim for contentment, no matter what.

Also, you are what you eat, so don’t think all your problems in the intestines are emotional, you could just be eating junk !!  You know what to do about that.

Pain in the middle of your back can stem from feelings of not being able to cope with life. Of bending under the strain……..literally and figuratively.

You could also be sitting or walking badly, or wearing the wrong shoes. Either way, your self esteem is centered in all these things.

If you can digest your life, then your posture naturally improves with your attitude.

Listen to Tracks 3 or 21.  Visualize vibrant yellow sunny days, fields of sunflowers, laughter.



Sing the note E with the vowel sound OO so that your solar plexus area buzzes.

Listen to music in the key of E.

Eat and drink “Yellow”

The opposite of yellow is Violet…….think violet haze, cool calm violet skies, deepest oceans.

Follow the music and information on the indigo and/or violet pages.