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From the 1,000th Hill No. 27 Mim’s Health Philosophy.


I am 73 years young.

I have been a lacto vegetarian for 53 years, a (mostly) vegan for the last 15, since I discovered that dairy products made my hands seize up, and that was a disaster for my guitar playing !!

By practicing what I preach, I am doing OK.

I managed fine until I had my first child in 1978, then I decided that I really ought to look up everything I could about proper nutrition for the lacto vegetarian child.

On my son’s postnatal file, the nurse had written in big red letters

Vegetarian, watch for deficiencies” !!

So, out came all the books, the most influential authors being

Adelle Davies – Nutrition books, with the charts of which food contains which substance

Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing system

Dr. Randolph Stone – The Wireless Anatomy of Man

B.K.S. Iyengar – Light on Yoga

Armed with these, I managed to keep my children very healthy, avoiding most of the childhood ‘puss’ things, and using my hands to release any aches and pains.

Arnica and Rescue, aloe vera and bulbelina ( we live in Africa, so just pick when needed ) being the essential things in my medicine cabinet !!

I must admit we have panados, but that’s for rare times.

So, putting it into very basic, simple terms..


Anything mucous – runny nose, coughing up stuff, boils, blisters etc. is ..

The body’s attempt to get rid of toxins, from ….

  1. food, eg dairy ( modern milk is not what we think ), refined, over processed.

  2. water – all harmful chemicals

  3. air – breathed in pollution and pollen.

Mucus, in various forms, is the ‘oil’ that keeps our bodies running smoothly.

The body has various mechanisms which drive toxins into exit points – lungs, skin, anus, urethra.

Mucus forms around these toxins and is pushed to the surface of the skin, or coughed out through the lungs. The bowels do their own job, and the kidneys do theirs, usually, but toxins will cause problems everywhere if left un expelled.

Answer first call – fresh hot or cold water with any herb or tea that will flush the system and kidneys – lemon, honey, ginger, or your choice.

Long term, eat, drink, think better.

Aching anywhere – muscles, joints, head, is …

The body’s defence mechanisms at war, gathering in places where there are

bad intruders from all of the above. This over activity causes discomfort, which we interpret as pain, but is really the system trying desperately to warn us that something is wrong.

We should always try and find out the source of anything uncomfortable in our bodies, and stop just treating the results of bad circumstances.

Gently holding the hands about 2 inches away from the skin, and slowly moving them over the affected area will help. As the palms get over the inflamation, they will warm up. This is a sign all is not well, and a gentle, circular motion to release that energy is good.

All energy flow healing modalities are based on this – acupuncture, shiatsu etc. Finding the blocks in the meridians.

Remember that stress is the number one culprit as the mind gets so tied up in knots, the body has trouble fighting the real issues inside its system.

Emotional vibrations. Highest and best for you at the top …

Joy Appreciation Empowerment

Freedom Love Appreciation


Enthusiasm Eagerness Happiness

Positive Expectation Belief






Frustration Irritation Impatience






Anger Revenge

Hatred Rage


Insecurity Guilt Unworthiness

Fear Grief Despair Powerlessness

My number one advice is to get into Nature.

Sit against a tree, let the tree absorb your troubles, relax and just breathe in the fresh oxygen from its leaves.

Walk / stand barefoot on the ground for 10 mins a day.

Lie down on the ground, earth, beach sand, mountain rock – on a towel if you like. Let the earth absorb your troubles and restore the disturbances in your magnetic torus.

Number two advice is to make sure you don’t take any more toxins into your body through your mouth if you can possible avoid it.

Reading the list of ingredients on things helps.

Eating things that are the closest to the sunlight that made them. Our bodies absorb the energy from all foods, so the closest to fresh they are the better.

We are literally eating “Second hand sunlight” so any processing step makes it less and less valuable for our well being.

Sadly, what is in the air is beyond our control, except that any dragon plant = spider or mother in laws tongue will clear the air around you.

Filter, bless or distill water xx

We have forgotten the power of “Saying Grace”.

Exercise –

Any regime that suits you. In our family we have everything from ballet to off road biking !

I can tell you that I am not one for running, so yoga suits me. I do my “Mim’s Mudras” daily, and a longer regime every few days.


I have always been a musician and singer, so in 2000 I started researching and applying my voice to the healing qualities of sound.

This is an incredible field of study that, sadly, has been misused, but maybe that must be another article !

I re-studied the energy centres of the body, the chakras, and which sounds and colours affect their functions. Then I composed music and wrote a book with the cd of these tunes “The Rainbow Suite” to explain the use of it, and started doing ‘sounding’ sessions.

The most healing sounds are those of nature, and a lullaby sung with the most loving heart. From the human voice, vowels and harmonics, sung with love, and coming THROUGH, not FROM the singer are the most beneficial.

Meanwhile, lots of Tender Loving Care, first towards yourself, and then accepted with love from those around you, goes a looooooong way to feeling better, no matter how old you are.

Oh, and don’t forget all those ‘Old wives’ tales’.

Love, always,