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Mumbai Memoir 166-World class cinema screened during MIIF’ 2022

Backdrop of ‘Gulshan Mahal’ (that hosts National Museum of Indian Cinema) at the MIFF venue.

Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) is a bi-yearly event which showcases world class non-feature films and is hosted by Films Division of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Government of India. It was the 17 edition of the film festival this year. I have been attending this film festival since I was a teenager, probably from its 2nd or 3rd edition onwards. Earlier the films used to be screened in cinema halls all over South Mumbai. Because of this film festival I got introduced to Worli Nehru Centre premise, Sofia College hall, Russian Cultural centre hall etc. It used to be fun to move all over the places to catch up withworld class documentary, animation and short films showcased at MIFF. But since its 16th edition, the festival is being hosted on single premise, namely Film Division Complex, Peddar Road, South Mumbai. It certainly saves commute time, when the festival is hosted on one premise.

miff2The last time the festival was organised was in January 2020, after which the pandemic hit Mumbai. As per the set norms the festival was suppose to happen in January 2022 this year, but due to the Omicron COVID virus was at its peak earlier this year, the festival got postponed to the month of May. Finally the festival was hosted between 29th May to 4th June 2022. This year more positive changes were seen in the festival’s organisation. Firstly there was a dedicated digital app created for the festival which had all the necessary information of the screening and the schedules of the various events associated to the festival. Besides the print copy, information regarding the Master classes, press conferences and the opening and closing functions of the festival was promptly available through the app. It was nice to see and hear experiences of the film crew in the Q and A session that happens after screening of each film.That is the biggest takeaway for film buffs who are interested in creating/producing movies. Here’s a video  link featuring the highlights of MIFF: https://youtu.be/j5k719bW314

Film Articraft at MIFF’22 venue: Films Division Premise

I personally am interested in the film making process, particularly in the departments of story writing, direction and production. I believe that if budding film makers regularly keep attending film festivals like MIFF, then half of film making knowledge is absorbed by attentively watching well made films and then post screening, hearing the process of film making from the makers themselves. It is an informal way to learn about the art and craft of film making.

State of the art screening theatres in the backdrop- Films Division premise, Peddar Road, Mumbai

Also one gets to meet like-minded people who vibe with you on film discussions, thus networking and creating scope for building a communion regarding one’s passion of film making. Above all, such festivals ignite dreams in artist & technicians to ‘someday have one’s movie screened’ in front of the MIFF audience. This, I believe, is the success of such festivals where young souls get kindled with ambition.

Wall art at Film Division auditorium premise.

Best wishes to such dreamers and total appreciation for MIFF team for their efforts in organising the film festival with zeal and utmost commitment.

Photo Courtesy: Shraddha. C. Sankulkar

When the master is watching you’!- Backdrop photo of veteran filmmaker Late Shri. Satyajit Ray who has won the Lifetime achievement award at the Oscars for his contribution to Indian/Global cinema.