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Marvellous Malvern Autumn Show (part 2)

Photos by Rob Tysall

In the second of Ann Evans’ articles on the recent Malvern Autumn Show here’s a few of the talented craftspeople whose work caught her eye.



It’s always amazing to see how talented people are, and the recent Malvern Autumn Show held at the Three Counties Showground had artisans from a variety of guilds including the Cotswold Craftsmen, the Herefordshire Guild of Crafts, the Guild of Design Makers and the Worcestershire Guild of Crafts.



Amongst the talented and artistic people we stopped to chat to were Jill Pargeter who had brought lavender-filled keepsakes right up to date. Jill specialises in decorative textiles and has been working as a print maker and designer for over 30 years – these last 12 years concentrating on her own designs. Everything is hand-made, from hand drawing the designs, then screen printing onto fabrics from which she makes a range of decorative items for the home.



Jill creates linen cushions and figures, lavender-filled Christmas keepsakes, letter and nature keepsakes, lavender decorations, lampshades, washbags, embroidery kits, and even sleep masks. Her inspiration comes from folk art and the Arts & Crafts movement, combining her love of history, nature and poetic verse. Discover more: www.jillpargeter.net



Working on his sculpture of a puffin was Martin Adamson, a man inspired by wildlife and passionate about the preservation of endangered animals. Martin started out as a freelance model maker for the film animation business. He and his wife now run The Sculpture Studio in Chalford, where as well as sculpting for commissions they teach others the art of sculpting.



Recently Martin has been linking up with wildlife organisations, donating to protect endangered species that he has sculpted. He is also a keen surfer, particularly loving to surf the Severn Bore, finding inspiration from the waves, and the driftwood he finds along the way. Martin said, “I’ll often come back from surfing the Severn Bore with my surfboard under one arm and a piece of driftwood under the other!” More information: www.martinadamson.co.uk



These beautiful quality hand-made jigsaw puzzles are made by a family business based in Staffordshire. They use traditional methods and age-old techniques to create quality educational puzzles and toys. The puzzles are each cut by hand and individually painted by hand giving it personality and making each one unique. Details: www.woodliketoplay.co.uk



Farmer David Powell of Herefordshire began making welded tree sculptures from recycled metals as a lockdown project. He has a great interest in growing and cultivating Bonsai trees, and aware that the Bonsai take a long time to grow in a particular way, he could make his own trees by sculpting and welding using reclaimed metals. Each of these beautiful trees is a one-off unique sculpture. Discover more at:www.dptreesculptures.co.uk



A life-size metal black swan was just one of the creations at Ed Alvis’ Metal Art UK display. Another was a larger-than-life spider which didn’t appeal to me quite as much as the swan and the other beautiful hand-sculptured metal garden ornaments. Recently Ed has been kept busy creating 1,000 hand-crafted, intricately painted metal bees to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester. These were displayed in the garden of The Hive, Worcester earlier this summer when people were encouraged to ‘bee generous’ and make a donation and so help fund St Richard’s care of patients, loved ones and bereaved in Worcestershire.



An incredible metal artist is Eddie Perks of Design Upcycled who really is a master in style from salvage. His metal sculptures are truly unique, one-offs, quirky, beautiful, sometimes even a little macabre. He will make a framework from steel, then with resin or fibre glass, often experimenting with different techniques, he almost magically sculpts a real work of art that you could fall in love with.



Although Eddie studied at art college many years ago, he worked as a lecturer until being made redundant ten years ago. It was the opportunity he needed to follow his dream to do something creative. “I always wanted to do something like this. Now I take used things and make them into something different.”

See more of his fantastic work at: www.designerupcycled.com

For details of the next Malvern Autumn Show, please visit: www.malvernautumn.co.uk/


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