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From the 1,000th Hill No.24 Suzy’s Supa Dupa Puppet World Part 6 The Casts.


One of the most fun things about doing a Puppet Show is making up the story and then making the puppet characters.

Suzy is based on our own daughter, but named after our niece. I had been lovingly attached to my own Grandmothers, so Granny seemed the obvious second character.

Suzy was originally going to have a brother, but I have never been able to manifest a boy puppet, so Geoffrey remains unseen !!

The first story, as you know, was The Supa Dupa Christmas Show.

The story begins with Suzy at Granny’s house and she is very excited about Christmas.

The postman – a donkey – brings a Christmas card.

Granny tells Suzy about the Christmas tree tradition and sings her to sleep.


Sally Sweeper arrives- ( to this day there are still fans of “Thally Thweeper”), and it is her job to make sure all the houses are clean before Santa gets there, and when she asks the children if they have seen Santa, they show her his legs dangling. She helps him down and asks Santa a favour – two front teeth !

Santa brings the stockings for Suzy and her brother, and he and John show the children the contents.

Christopher Crocodile adds fun to any adventure, and is always good for a chorus song.

The Christmas Angel adds a gentle touch, and our daughter had great joy in making that costume.

Then, we needed a ‘boogie’ so Freddie Frog has the children up and dancing before Suzy and Granny wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


Our next show was the Birthday show with lots of Nursery Rhymes and some of my own songs. This introduced all these characters.


We performed this show for more Birthday Parties than I care to count over the years. Many of these people booked us again for their own children’s parties !!

This show became adapted later as the “Happy Easter” Show, – the Birthday bunny became the Easter Bunny – and then again as “Seaside Suzy” where she goes to the beach, and we introduce the shark. With the addition of ‘Surfing’ Santa, real Santa, and The Christmas Angel, we had “Christmas Seaside Suzy.”

“Good Manners” and “Entrepreneurs” introduced Suzy’s Mummy – designed and made by world famous couturier Sandy Day.


After a few years, I decided to write another Christmas Show this time with a North Pole theme.

“Suzy Visits the North Pole”

Suzy asks Daddy where Santa lives, and she has an adventure going to the North Pole to meet all the characters there. Was it a dream ?


This was an amazing new journey of finding matching fabrics and wools for the hair. I liked the idea of shades of blue.

Snow Queen gave me the most joy, and, as I said before, I designed my own dress to match.



The next adventure was when the teachers asked us if we had a show that was more culturally inclusive, so, I sat down and dreamed up

“Globe Trotting Suzy”


I don’t have to tell you what fun making these beautiful little ladies was.

As Suzy visits each country, the characters tell her of their customs and sing songs to match.

The theme of the show is loving kindness and tolerance, and, as she says farewell to each girl in turn, they sing the ‘theme song’ and the children join in …..

“Look at you, and look at me.

We’re as different as can be.

But we both have loving hearts,

And now we’re friends.”

Suzy and Ningi sing it for us ….



I hope you enjoyed meeting our wonderful collection of colourful characters, who, with their different personalities and voices to match, make up our Supa Dupa Puppet World.

Love, as always,



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