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From the 1,000th Hill N0. 53 The Rainbow Suite Introduction.


Hello my treasures.

In 2000 – 2001, I composed a cd and wrote a book about the good effects of colour and sound on our bodies.

Over the next few weeks I shall share the book with you, with pleasure.

Here is the Introduction.

Love, always,




My Angel,

Thank you for your interest in this C.D.

The sounds you will hear are restorative, please don’t expect a cure-all.

These tunes were written with my love and that of the Universe to help restore your natural vibrations.

These are unique to you and nobody else.

There are no hard and fast rules here, only suggestions. What works for you may not work for anyone else.

Each one of us has a totally individual vibratory make-up, based on the laws of the Universe.

This Universe of ours is made up of all the vibrations you can think of and more ! Each vibration bears it’s own stamp of light and sound.

We pull from this pool of light and sound that which we attract through our birth and actions.

What you are right now is the sum total of all the vibrations you have attracted ……some being to your [conceived] benefit, some to your [conceived] detriment, but all to help you develop and grow with an increased understanding of this HUMAN experience.

The words that follow will help you through each energy centre.

You may find that you instinctively know most of this…we all do, it is just a case of remembering and trusting the simple truths deep within us all.

Many of these truths are hidden in familiar sayings and “Old wives’ tales……”

Seeing red. Blood boiling. Being yellow. Not having the stomach for it. Green with envy. Feeling blue.

Purple with rage. Etc.


As you read and understand the meanings of the energy centres and their lights and sounds, whilst listening to the music, you will see where these sayings come from.

A word ………. I know that you are looking for answers, but just remember that those around you may not be.

This music may only change your understanding of your life and its associations, not the life and associations themselves.

LIFE is….. “God’s gift to you, what you make of it is your gift to God.”

a bowl of cherries” “ a living hell ”

a box of chocolates” “That’s Life !!”

This music was written to be used in conjunction with Templates in Harmony.

It may be used with or without them, as background music for a healing session, as a meditation guide or just for fun.