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Enjoy Leicester’s Vegan Festival


If you’ve always wanted to know more about veganism and a plant-based lifestyle here’s a great opportunity to find out more. Ann Evans has the details.



Whether you’re passionate about a Vegan lifestyle, or just curious as to what a plant-based lifestyle can offer you, here’s a super opportunity to find out more. You can discover a world of vegan foods, drinks, fashion and lifestyle products at the Leicester Vegan Festival 2022 on Sunday 10th April.



Organiser Victoria Bryceson said there will be around 70 fantastic stalls, the majority being local and family run businesses, which ties in so well with the ethos of these vegan events – supporting small individual businesses. Their aim is to promote veganism whilst also helping to fund the vegan-led animal welfare charity, Miracle’s Mission.



Victoria said, “We will have so much food on offer. There will be hot food to eat at the event and cold food to take away home. Some of the food highlights will include hotdogs, fish and chips, Greek food, African food, raw salads (we will have a mix of healthy and treat foods), pies, vegan milks, cheese and chocolates and the most amazing vegan cakes and brownies. We love to see the reaction of non-vegans to the vegan food as they just can’t believe it’s vegan it is so good.”



She added that there is a huge rise in the interest in veganism over the last few years. “I used to tell people I was vegan and they would think it was strange. But now when I tell people, everybody knows somebody else that is vegan. It has become so much more normalized and so much easier. More and more non-vegans want to know what being vegan is about and how they can begin to make changes to their diets. More people want to see what vegan food has to offer and they want to try the vegan foods and find alternatives to their meat and dairy products.”



Reasons to attend a Vegan Events UK Festival

  • Freebies – get to the fest early and receive a free yummy treat!
  • It is a safe space for vegans, all products are 100% vegan, so no need for label-checking.
  • Not available in the supermarket! Find lots of new products and delicious food that you simply cannot buy at the supermarket.
  • An incredible range of world class vegan food, local and international cuisine, sweet and savoury.
  • A schedule of educational talks and inspirational cookery demonstrations runs throughout the day, keeping you busy from start to finish.
  • A family friendly day out with free entry for children under 16. Take the kids along to the kid’s zone to do a puzzle, make a mask or colour in. Mums and Dads can colour in too!
  • Support small vegan businesses, who strive hard to provide products of the highest quality. With your support, they can grow and better serve their community.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere! It is such a friendly event, making it easier for you to make new vegan friends. Bring a non-vegan friend or family member to show them how amazing living a vegan lifestyle is.
  • A chance to make a difference. Visit the charity stands to find out more about volunteering.


The Leicester Vegan Festival takes place at the Athena Events Venue.  Queen Street, Leicester LE1 1QD, from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Tickets £4 each. Details of other Festival dates this year at: https://www.veganeventsuk.co.uk/events/