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From the 1,000th Hill No 52  A year with B-C-ing-U



Hello my friends and readers,

Can you believe this is the 52nd article I am writing to share my life and fun with you.

Looking back over the parts of my life I have written about so far, it seems I have only just scratched the surface of the adventures of my 73 years.

Where to carry on from ? I have absolutely no idea. I plan an article, and then something happens to be a little more interesting or timely and the one planned gets put on hold whilst the relevant one gets the limelight !! That’s the beauty of this ever changing life – it moves and surges like waves on the sea, and we have to ride the waves as they ebb and flow.

This is probably the time of my life to settle back and just knit and watch TV.



Well, we stopped watching TV about 10 years ago, just using it as a monitor nowadays to watch programmes and movies of our choice and to connect with the online media that we think is worth the intellectual input. Of course, it may be different elsewhere in the world, but here in SA that’s what this household does.

I stopped knitting for a while as other things took preference, but have picked it up again and it is bringing me great joy.



Meanwhile the monkeys keep me amused when I am not mad at them for eating my sunflowers !!

The seeds that I planted – sunflowers and marigolds came up beautifully, as did the basil bushes on the bank.



I am still sad about not being able to travel and see family and friends in the UK, but I live in hope that the time will soon come when that will happen again.

I have had very little feedback at the bottom of the articles, so I am not quite sure what is grabbing most people’s attention. Perhaps this is just as well, as it gives me free rein to use this space, provided so generously by Lyn to express how I feel at the time, or to share with you things that have nurtured me.



We have just had our Autumn Solstice, so the air is getting cooler, and the ‘closing in’ of a few things is happening around us. April is usually the time when the rains stop, and we are lucky if it rains again with any magnitude until September or October. That’s the time to wonder why we spent so much time pulling weeds and mowing grass when they all die down anyway !! You remember our marula tree, well, it looks amazing against the azure Autumn sky.



There has been talk of “Victory Gardens” online lately, so I guess instead of flowers, I shall scatter veggie seeds and see what comes up.

What a beautiful autumn this has been so far.

Love, always,