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From the 1,000th Hill No 51 Knitted miniature dolls



Over the years I have collected oddments of all sorts of wools and used them to make clothing and toys of various shapes and sizes.

About 8 years ago, I made a little knitted doll for myself, and then one for a friend, and then a “Gogo” doll for my grandson to talk to while I am away.

Then I made another one for Claire to have as a doll.

A couple of years ago, we did the Globe Trotting Suzy show over Christmas and I thought of making these little dolls to match the puppets from all over the world. I didn’t finish that project in time, so it stayed in a carrier bag for over a year. Then, last year, I ‘found’ them again and started to sew up and finish them. It is still an ongoing mission in between other things, but it is fun to have it there to pick up when I am inclined.

The pattern is from a woman’s magazine yonks ago, and is so worn I can hardly read it, but I have knitted so many now, that it is almost automatic.

It’s not the knitting that takes the time – and the plunge, it is the features and the hair !!

My friends are very kind and always give me their ‘leftover’ wool if they have extra full balls, or mostly just the bits, and I am very grateful. After some of my projects, I even have leftovers from the leftovers !!

So, here goes.

First, the pattern …



Then the oddments of wool …..



Knitting needles and a good wool needle to make up.



Sequins for the eyes, and I just bought some glitter glue to see if that works !!



I have gathered many beads and sequins and shiny things over the years as well, being in ‘show biz’ means that a bit o’ bling is a must !! These have been used as trimmings on some of my show dresses, and, now, will be used to trim the skirts and tops of these little dolls.

I always knit all the bits of one doll at a time, because you know what happens – sometimes these things get put aside – yes, I know, for ages !!!!



The knitting is easy, and such fun choosing all the colours. The faces take a lot of concentration and many an unpicked stitch !!

The hair is the real challenge. I tried and failed to follow the pattern, so then tried the way I make the puppet hair and that didn’t work, so I resorted to knotting each strand, and that seems to be the best answer as little hands can’t pull out that hair !!



So, in between gardening, singing, looking after the family and housework, I am still finishing these little ones !!



It would be interesting to see if any of you take up the idea and run with it.

P.S. I did make one little boy one, and put grey hair on it, as a Grandpa doll to go with the Gogo doll for our grandson.

Love, always,