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Why socks and never chocs? Why always jockies and never chockies?

The younger generation are meant to be woke and PC and non-sexist. So why  does my wife always get chocolates  for Mothers Day  and at Christmas and  I only ever get a boring tie, a pair of cheap nylon socks  and some insultingly roomy boxers off our kids?

Why can’t I  have chocolates?  Is it some ghastly virilty shortfall for  a man to have a sweet tooth.  Men love Cadbury’s Milk Tray too. Real men – even members of the SAS- eat Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

So , this Father’s Day, let’s have some levelling up . please. Some gender equality.  That’s Dads don’t do chocolate boxes is an offensive stereotype perpetuated every June.

Kids are the worst offenders. After all, our children are meant to be the informed elite, aren’t they?

Too many father are portrayed as chocolate haters and sock lovers. This Father’s Day should challenge outdate perceptions.

I have a very sweet tooth. The fillings testify to that.

I open my mouth at the dentist’s and he peers in, shakes head  at a lost composite and says “ Bounty?” , probing a bicuspid/  I go “Uh Uh” through a mouthful of his fingers.

“Quality Street? “ he asks in way that implies he expect to find his surgery’s waiting-room floor littered with toffee finger  and orange creme wrapper.

He checks on my lower left 31 amalgam and finds another cavity.  “Mr Stanley I presume?”


Mr Stanley’s coveted confectionary are my favourite chocolates especially his Gentleman Club chocolate cigars and caramel matches. The Fudge Ahoy I have soft spot for as every dental examination reminds me.”

The company goes back to 1843 and became famous for its hand-broken fudge which is made in Harrogate. its hard boiled sweets are also made in Yorkshire and it brittles in Somerset. I am an addict.

If I have said it once I have said it a  number of times at close-range into the ears of our children. “Mr Stanley is a fabulous feast for any fabulous father!”

The hint couldn’t be more obvious but still I get the socks or a bottle of something. Or an Amazon voucher.   Many fathers will excitedly unwrap their present /s this Sunday and ask “ Is it fudge?” Which it never is.

I love fudge. I prefer eating it to wearing socks.

June 16th  is National Fudge Day – when a little extra sweetness is spread across the country.  There is a good reason Fathers Day is sandwiched between Fudge Awareness Day and World Chocolate Day on July 7.

Fudge originated in the US during the late 19th century.  Its popularity was largely due to the decreasing cost of refined white sugar. Early fudge shops opened in tourist spots like Michigan’s Mackinac Island. New York’s Vassar College claims to be the birthplace of the fudge movement.

Fudge folklore tells us that the word is thought to derive from a teacher in Virginia cocking up a toffee-making demonstration in the late 1800s. The UK’s first Fudge Kitchen – then Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen- opened in Blackpool in 1983. In 1995, the company was bought by MD Sian Holt,

As well as hand-stretched brittles and soft Belgian chocolate caramels,  “Fudge Kitchen”  makes Gourmet Butter Fudge, slabs including Eton mess fudge and key lime pie fudge, six piece sliders, sharing squares, selection boxes, drinking fudge, fudge-making kits and clotted cream fudge and white chocolate and raspberry fudge loaves as well as vegan chocolate chilli and peanut butter vegan fudge.  The British Selection includes apple crumble fudge, Cherry Bakewell fudge, stem ginger and traditional fudge.

Sometimes I wish that we had more than two children. Then as well as fudge and mr Stanley , I  could  get some cheesecake too.  Like the English Cheesecake Company’s Luxury Vanilla Cheesecake with Lotus Biscoff  or their Red velvet cheesecake.


I wouldn’t say no to some doughnuts too.

Crosstown is a scratch London bakery n specialising in sourdough doughnuts and  “extraordinary” chocolate, and speciality coffee.

The company , founded in 2014 by Edinburgh-born JP Then and Adam Wills, starting as a street food stall in  Leather Lane.

Flapjacks would go down well as well.

Shakespeare mentions flapjack in Pericles, Prince of Tyre. The word  is believed to derive from flipping, or “flapping,” the cake on a flat griddle.

With shops in Tavistock, Minehead and Wells, owners Sally Jenkin and Carol Myott bake their support for the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, RNLI Minehead and Wells Cathedral.


Flapjackery is also helping Ukraine. Every single penny from each special Ukrainian-inspired flapjack sold for £4.20 will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal which involves thirteen leading UK aid charities, including the Red Cross, Save the Children and ActionAid UK.

As I have told my children over and over again and told friend when the chidlren are in earshot, If you are prepared to indulge in a bit of Flapjackery you can now track flapjacks from west Devon all the way to your front door. naughty rectangular blocks of rolled oats , butter and Golden Syrup  and which should , on no occasion , never ever be called pancakes griddle cakes, hot cakes, flat cakes , oat bar, cereal bar or, as Australians are wont, a slice.


Sally retired to Devon from Surrey where she ran a printing company  to run her own small self-catering holiday business. Sally ran a fudge shop in Tavistock. They began baking flapjacks for their families and friends. Then they started selling them at local shows. They met at the Country Markets in Tavistock, which is the commercial arm of the WI. They went into partnership and their stall sold out  on the first day of the  four-day Royal Bath And West Show.

Spain celebrates Dia del Padre and Italy Festa del Papa on March 19th, Germany on Ascension  Day forty days after Easter,  some middle eastern countries on June 21,  Brazilians on the second Sunday of August and Australia and New Zealand on the first Sunday of September.

So my kids have plenty of chances to get it right.

Champagne goes well with flapjacks too.  Especially a Summer Fruits Crumble. And English Cheesecake Co’s toothsome cheesecakes including its new Jubilee Victorian Spongecake can come with  personalized piped cream messages like “ To Our Beloved Sweet-Toothed Father”.

Hopefully there will be enough room so the last three letters are not left out.

The golf balls might not be a good idea. It might give my wife egalitarian ideas and lead her to ask for chocolates the shape and size of netballs.