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Sussex Snake more than Doubles in Size!

The snake’s head.

Crowborough in Sussex has the most amazing new Memorial to the Coronavirus and everything else that has been happening lately.

It’s a huge snake made up of painted stones.

birthdaypartysixthSee my previous article. https://b-c-ing-u.com/art/giant-snake-invades-sussex-town/

Since starting with just the head, there are around 5,000 stones now, curling right round the Village Green, and now with  double and even triple layers.

birthdaypartysixthThe artwork varies from simple children’s rainbows to some very impressive pictures. And the stones vary from tiny pebbles to larger lumps of rock.


There are also dedications to departed friends and relatives, local clubs and schools, and messages of hope and encouragement.

Everyone is really pleased to hear that the Council is planning to cement them in place to make it a permanent sight.










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