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Series: Awakening Archetypes Article 12: Where Are We Now?


Five unique archetypes, five unique ways of thinking about style. With each one, we discovered an element of passion entwined with different approaches to sourcing and curating garments to liven up our wardrobes.


Now that we’ve heard from and had an opportunity to explore the attitudes and values of these archetypes regarding style, it’s time to consider what you find exciting about styling.


Unique Perceptions


Each character archetype has a distinct set of values and combination of personality traits; timeless and rich in wisdom, these character profiles reveal some of our innermost qualities.  All five archetypes that we framed through styling encouraged deeper, more thoughtful relationships with garments and the styling process.  We began our journey with the warrior, a traditionally masculine archetype who demands clarification in our power dressing intentions.  Although the warrior was a tough act to follow, our subsequent focus on the explorer emphasised durability, advocating for the confidence-giving powers of well-made attire.  We discovered that, for the magician, crafting a look is like casting a spell; this archetype encouraged us to delight in the creativity of the styling process.  The most sensual of our five, the lover, placed focus on touch and texture.  For the lover, thinking about the look and feel of materials is a way of adding artistic flair to an outfit, a practical benefit of which is the building of knowledge regarding the sensation of different fabrics on the skin.  Our final archetype, the sage, taught us to both always be aware of and continuously question the truth of how our garments are produced, inspiring us to familiarise ourselves with the practices of our favourite brands and designers.


Meaningful Styles


Despite the individuality of each archetype, a common thread runs through this series; each of the five archetypes inspire us with new ways of styling garments, but beyond that, they encourage us to assign meaning to our styling choices, with the warrior, explorer, magician, lover, and sage offering us more in-depth contemplations about styling. Each archetype demystifies the relationship between garment and wearer, a relationship that is inherently personal, and (apparently) invisible. Throughout this series, we’ve tried to challenge this notion of invisibility by presenting the alternative possibility that our feelings towards an outfit can have a profound impact on our overall appearance. For many of us, these feelings can noticeably alter our mood, so by considering what motivates us to choose certain brands, styles, and fabrics, it’s possible to feel more confident and in tune with ourselves.


Breaking out of the Archetype

Given that each one of us is as distinct as our five archetypes, the things that we choose to prioritise when curating looks can be deeply personal.  Regardless of how deeply you connect to each archetype’s take on styling, the dedication they show towards living a life true to their passions makes them inspiring in a broader sense; be inspired by the lover to choose fabrics that feel great on your skin, but also be inspired by the conviction shown by the sage in discovering the origins of garments and their various components. Be inspired by all of our archetypes, who are each dedicated to their own beliefs and stand firmly by their own values.  We like to think there’s at least a little bit of each archetype in everyone and that finding your own identity among them can be an exciting, often life-affirming, process.