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Energy centre…….Throat   



Note G

Colour    Blue

Template 7 blue.


I surrender personal will to divine will.



This energy centre can be felt around your throat and neck area, right through your mouth, teeth and up to the cheekbones.

The throat centre contains the larynx [voice box], your speech mechanisms, the pipes that take the air in and out of your body, and the food into it. The main arteries, veins and nerves to and from the brain are here, and the top of the spine.

This is your communications centre, the central station from which all messages flow to the rest of the body, and to the outside world. Tension in this area causes constriction in any one of these communication lines and we get stiff necks, sore throats etc.

“I was speechless.”

I screamed.

I sighed.

Ag, shame !

“…….’s a pain in the neck “

I feel choked.

I just sobbed.

What could I say ?

I laughed ‘til I cried.



Every sound that comes out of you has some effect on someone or something somewhere in the Universe. These sounds fly around  in space and eventually come back to you in some form or other. We are careless with our utterances. Sometimes we say things to transfer our hurt from inside to another person……it seldom helps……and that hurt comes back to us.

On the other hand every kind word also registers.

Think before you speak.

By the same token every sound that you don’t make  has an effect on you.

Let your feelings out {without harm to others]

Tell us how you feel.

Don’t bottle it up.



All the ways you communicate inside and outside the body are centred here.

Be sure all your lines of communication are open.

What you will be or have comes from verbalizing these desires, sometimes it is better to hand them over to a higher power, thus relieving your throat chakra of this awesome responsibility, which literally chokes you. 

Listen to tracks 7 or 17 visualising clear blue skies or oceans, anything that washes or clarifies your perspective on things.

Sing the note G vowel AH, so that your throat “sings”.

Listen to music in the key of G.

Eat and drink or gargle Blue.



The opposite of blue is orange, your creative colour. Create words and deeds that suit you.