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Awakening Archetypes  Article 6: Channelling the Lover




SEO sentence – The lover archetype is channelled through understanding your body, its movement and its touch. Read more…


Although the archetypal lover engages in romance and seeks sensual pleasures, they are so much more than this limited view. When applying the lover’s approach to your own sphere, it’s possible to improve your wellbeing in a number of real, scientifically verified ways.  How?  It’s all in the body…


Qualities of the Lover



The lover embodies all forms of love, whether familial, parental, spiritual, the love we feel for our friends, or, of course, romantic love.  The lover encapsulates all aspects of sensuality; the part of you that interacts with the physical world through your enjoyment of luscious food, smells, music, and art is a version of the lover. Idealistic and emotionally in tune with themselves and others, lovers are motivated by what they feel – physically and emotionally – as opposed to what they think.  Being deeply rooted in the physical body, this archetype has a lot to teach us about intuition and how our sensory experience of the world affects our state of mind.



Enjoying the Body: Touch


Humans, being highly social creatures, not only crave physical contact with others, but actually need it if they want to maintain optimum mental health. Research by psychologists like Miriam Akhtar indicates that touch has a number of positive effects, such as reducing anxiety and stress by lowering cortisol levels, improving immune function, and stimulating the nervous system, which has a calming effect on the body.  Research also suggests that people living the UK, when compared with other countries in Europe and the rest of the world, are particularly prone to keeping each other at arm’s length, missing out on the health benefits and greater feelings of closeness and trust gained through touch.  If you feel called to, try hugging close friends for just a little longer; increasing the length of a hug by as little as a second will produce greater positive affects for both of you. Too often our hugs, used in moments of greeting and parting, are quick and our minds are elsewhere. By hugging with awareness and intentionality, we’re able to forge deeper feelings of connection with others and amplify the hug’s positive impact on the mind.


The kind energy of the lover should also extend to your relationship with yourself.  Put your own safety and wellbeing first; touch, in the right situation, should make us more comfortable and relaxed, not less.  If hugs aren’t really your thing, try making those around you feel appreciated in other ways, such as by sharing kindness and expressing admiration for them more often.  The archetypal lover isn’t afraid of complimenting others – lift people up and make them feel good, especially those you hold dear.



Enjoying the Body: Movement


Being deeply rooted in their physical body, the archetypal lover enjoys movement, and approaches it in a playful, free-flowing way. This playfulness can be transformative for those of us that have attached negative connotations to traditional forms of exercise; by making movement less serious, it’s possible to still enjoy all its benefits whilst having fun. One form of exercise that often just doesn’t feel like exercise is dance. Unchoreographed, spontaneous forms of dance are accessible, suitable for all body types and fitness levels, and encourage the kind of intuitive body connection that is so important to the archetypal lover. Sober club nights and ecstatic dance groups have increased in size and popularity in recent years; in most cities – European and globally – there likely exists such a group.


Dancing is a great way to put the brakes on overthinking and release tension, and dancing as part of a large group provides additional benefits such as allowing us to feel connected and be inspired by the energy of others. If dancing as part of a group sounds a little intimidating, try getting into the spirit of ecstatic dance at home. Many dancers and DJs around the world have made their most uplifting playlists available online – find a playlist that inspires you and lose yourself in the music!



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