When it comes to a Gypsy Caravan there is no doubt that they are incredibly romantic, they contour up images of escapism, life on the open road and a rose tinted vision of excitement and rugged charm. I must admit that for me the chance to spend a few nights in an original 1920’s bow top was a dream come true as well as  an opportunity to delve into exploring some traditional gypsy folklore and traditions.

With the car packed with all the essentials including gypsy skirts, flouncy shirts, tarot cards and fortune telling books my beloved and I headed off to Hillside Gypsy Caravan Holidays in  Titterstone Clee, Shropshire. When we arrived it was already nightfall and as we parked the car we could see the caravan in the meadow sitting below a blanket of stars. As it cast a romantic glow from its soft interior lighting, Rob and I both gushed at how picture perfect the caravan and it’s setting were.2016-02-18-08.43.04

As we entered the private meadow through a wooden latch gate we were delighted to see that the caravan was lit with fairy lights and a vintage lamp, giving it the perfect ambiance for a romantic retreat. Painted in a traditional manner by a local artist both the interior and exterior were a delight to behold. With original gypsy caravans being dry meaning that no washing or deblushions took place within them you always worry where a girl of vintage  values is going to pop to the loo or attend to one’s stocking, thankfully this was a worry not needed as the bow top was paired with a wooden cabin that offered the luxuries of modern living albeit in a vintage style.  With armchairs by the log fire, bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen a table laid for tea with vintage China and a chocolate cake it was easy to nestle in for the email ending and allow time to drift away.

Tempting as it was to just sit by the log burner and natter all night, we couldn’t miss the chance to star gaze and so we snuggled up on the bench positioned on the veranda and as we sipped our ever so slightly alcoholics beverages we looked up at the night sky. Yes we are a hopeless pair of romantics but it was enough to make even the romantically disinclined a little fuzzy on the inside.

The next morning we woke to the sound of birdsong and the gallop of gypsy cobs in the adjoining meadow. We were on a mission to go and explore some vintage shops in nearby Ludlow, so there was no time for breakfast cooked over the campfire, but in all honesty in took us real determination to leave even with the allure of vintage shopping. It was just so relaxing and homely.

Hillside  Gypsy Holidays is owned by Marie Harris and her husband Neil who reside at the  farmhouse at the top of the hill  from the caravan. The farmhouse has been in Neil’s family since 1871 and you can tell that for Marie and Neil that there is a real sense of love and preservation of heritage in their home and business.

The real gypsy life may not have been as romantic as it seems during a weekend away,  but when tucked up against the dramatic backdrop of Shropshire’s fine countryside in a beautiful bow top caravan made me yearn for a simpler life on the open road.

Having enjoyed a fantastic break it was soon time to go, but I left feeling deeply relaxed and with a renewed interest in gypsy folklore. Oh and I came away with a little gypsy magic as well, my beautiful daughter now known as Rosaleigh, well we had to give her a gypsy-Esq  name.

For more information you can visit www.hillsidegypsycaravanhollidays.Co.uk