Don’t panic I am not moving again, but things are positively on the move. I am no longer humming the tune, ‘living in a box’, although I am still staring at a lot of boxes that still need unpacking, but the worst of the moving chaos is over. Thankfully, my new home is now looking a little less storage unit and a lot more homely.  I’m loving the new cottage and can’t wait to carve out a little time to do a bit of nesting, though I’m not sure this is anything more than a pipe dream.

 The breaking news is that I now have a nicely decorated shop albeit it white with bare walls. I now I have the crazy mission of fitting it out as a small shop museum from which I can showcase my range of jams, marmalades and Christmas puddings. I will be using this shop as a location for my vlogs and to give the occasional food talk.  I won’t be there full-time, but it will be great to have somewhere to showcase some of my work.

So as I dream of shop fittings I have to remind myself that the boxes still need unpacking and that deadlines are still pressing.  Whilst the sun shines and strawberry season is upon us I had to resist the temptation to make jam and instead made strawberry fool with the children. There was a great eagerness to eat the strawberries and great enthusiasm for spoon licking duties, but strangely enough I was left with the washing up and there was a distinct lack of volunteers for this job.

We are making good use of the park and we are proving popular with the ducks.  It’s amazing how many hours can be whiled away with duck feeding and bubble blowing duties. It is great to have things to entertain the children more or less on my doorstep, a park, a play area, ducks and donkey feeding all make for a good antidote to toddler tantrums and are great nerve soothers.

I’m currently getting ready for the fairy festival at the end of the month and I am making no secret of my excitement at dressing up. I rather fancy being perched on a toadstool in a bluebell wood especially if I can take a good book with me. I shall be working on my stand design over the next week, so I will share some fairy secrets with you next week. Needless to say that my two eldest daughters are  very excited or should I say away with the fairies!

Overall, things are moving along nicely and we are getting settled in. Well, deadlines call so until next week a fond farewell from Mid Wales.