It’s been interesting to observe a wave of creativity wash over people during the Covid19 lockdown. I’ve seen  the internet and especially social media awash with images of people attempting watercolour painting acrylic flow painting, whilst others have taken to creating makeshift studios in their homes to record their thoughts or share their poems or stories.  Of course there are those that have insisted on sharing their singing which would on many occasions be best kept in the privacy of their shower room, but it has been deeply refreshing to see people ditching screen time in favour of creative pursuits and learning new skills.

Whilst many people bemoan that they miss company, pubs, shops and ‘normality’, there is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic lock down has inspired a wave of creative projects – and has seen many people either taking up a new creative hobby or finally getting around to finishing that creative project from years ago.

Many illustrators from around the globe have been busy creating posters to raise awareness of social distancing, hand-washing etc and pay tribute to key workers  this has resulted in some clever, imaginative and original designs.

In the UK, street art project In Good Company has been bringing some bold and colourful positivity to public spaces with colourful posters thanking essential workers for their efforts. The initiative started in Leeds and has since been rolled out to other cities. They have free design downloads on their website and my children have enjoyed these immensely.

Indeed on my daily walks with the children it has been heartwarming to see the colourful pictures of children and positive messages, as it has to see neighbours’ painting everything from garden gnomes and plant pots through street scenes in oil and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Indeed creativity has taken many forms from, cooking to sewing and to writing and painting indeed the creativity has shone through in the very act of making, enjoying and sharing.

I hope that when lockdown is over that people will continue to make, share and enjoy and that creativity continues to thrive.