Next week I will be lost in the world of the faeries as I attend 3 Wishes Fairy Festival in Cornwall. I have been promising to take my daughters to this event for the last couple of years and finally I have booked. I am now frantically preparing costumes for everyone and I am hoping to have everything ready for attending over the weekend.

I have written quite a few articles on the faeries and I must admit I love some of the folklore and lesser known fables and my daughters all have a love of fairies, with my two eldest loving the idea of a fairy festival. They have long loved the Flower Faeries by illustrator Cicely Mary Barker (1895-1973), whereas I have always loved the compelling story of the Cottingly Faeries.



So, as I sit and sew costumes, and  contemplate what shape faery wings actually are, I  have suddenly remembered how faery wings are the reason that opals are sometimes considered unlucky. Faery wings are often likened to opals because they reflect so many colours and as faeries are believed to have the power to bring good and ill fortune, opals and their resemblance to fairy wings came to be the source of superstition and associated with bad luck.

I shall be on the look out for changelings, although according to folklore baby boys are most at risk. there are many stories about faeries stealing babies and leaving changelings in their place, these stories exist globally. In Britain a good way of protecting your baby was believed to be never to mention how pretty, attractive or handsome the child was. One of the signs of a changeling is being demanding and having a strong appetite, this has led me to believe all of my children may already be changelings.

WFF poster webI’ll be writing on the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival very soon and I am charging up all my cameras and taking extra batteries. My big deliberation until next weekend is, what do you dress a male fairy in though, in Somerset they say that faerie men wear red and the rougher pixies green. I think the male costume is going to take some thought and effort.

Well, I shall be well away with the fairies from now until the weekend and I am looking forward to sharing my tales of festivals, magic and wands next time