By Annick Dournes & Frederic de Poligny



Tintin’s planes exhibition in Toulouse

Since he was born from the pen of Hergé in 1929, Tintin has travelled through the whole world by car, boat, train and of course by plane. The 1920’s and 30’s were the golden age of aviation and it was only two years after Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic Ocean aboard his “Spirit Of Saint-Louis” that Hergé published his first Tintin story in a Belgian newspaper. Tintin could only be part of this extraordinary history and whether passenger or pilot he has flown onboard many different planes. The exhibition, “Tintin et ses avions”, invites us to discover them and Hergé’s way to introduce his readers to this challenging new way of travelling.


Thomson and Thompson

Since Toulouse is the European capital of aeronautics where Airbus Industrie has set its head office, it’s only natural that the exhibition takes place in Aeroscopia museum located close to Toulouse’s airport, Blagnac Airport, and to Airbus’ factories. Since Aeroscopia opened in early 2015, nearly 900,000 aviation and flying enthusiasts have come to Toulouse to visit this unique museum. No doubt that Tintin is going to draw many more thousands of visitors to Toulouse until January 2019 when the exhibition will end.


.Another Tintin’s plane

Tintin is an 89 years old star. Over 230 millions comic books translated into 80 different languages have been sold during these 8 decades, and today one copy is sold every 20 seconds! Throughout his adventures he has flown in 50 different kinds of planes, most of them real ones carefully reproduced by Hergé, whether propeller aircraft, seaplane, jet or helicopter. But Hergé also created “prototypes” that exist only in his books such as the Stratoneff, the Carreidas or even the famous red and white rocket created by Professor Calculus. These ‘flying objects” were actually created by Hergé himself and by Roger Leloup, his irreplaceable technical adviser.


Tintin’s lunar rocket

The exhibition presents aircrafts, model aircrafts, original comic tables, Hergé’s own drawing table, sketches, rare first editions lent by the Belgian Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve. Designed to appeal to Tintin’s fan of all ages, the exhibition will appeal to all visitors between 7 and 77 years old!

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Photos courtesy of Aeroscopia