Laughter lines we say, not wrinkles! Natural highlights rather than grey hair, good living, rather than those extra pounds……Many of us search for ways to cheat our age. And we look for products to hide those tell-tale signs or short cuts to manage those folds of skin that creep over the waist line.


Today, the battle for youth is big business. It is the age of medical spas,  beauty clinics and wellness resorts all offering focused treatments, new and unique therapies with lotions and potions which promise magical results…


Want to lose 7lbs or even 70lbs and keep it off for life, then the Elite Clinic in Spain has it sorted with #Gastric Mind Band Therapy with its reputation for permanent weight loss by reprogramming a client’s relationship with food. Gastric Mind Band Therapy uses clinically evidenced methods including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the trademarked Pause Button Therapy together with visualisation techniques over a three-day course. On the final day clients undergo the Gastric Mind Band operation, using hypnosis to take clients through the ‘surgery’ – mentally placing a band around the stomach. The result – weight loss and health benefits of gastric band surgery, without the associated risks or costs all in a relaxing location near Marbella.


Forget pampering treatments such as ESPA’s age-defying enzyme peel facials, think pins and needles for younger looks. India’s holistic wellness destination, Atmantan, nestled in the hills of Pune, is offering cosmetic acupuncture courtesy of a specialist host, Dr Liana Levecina, to supplement guests’ pursuit of transformative and educational experiences. Her expertise spans the world of sound-health including Chinese herbology, facial reconstructive surgery, crania-sacral, yoga and nutrition therapy and mindfulness. Her effective techniques provide habitual, physical and emotional wellness and for some, revolutionary age reversal results.

Wellness journeys have been paved at the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle in Sri Lanka. Here there is an option of four different programmes  based on the ancient medical art of Ayurveda. These include the paths to Inner Harmony for calming mind and body and achieving emotional and spiritual balance, Deep Sleep for that well-deserved time to heal, rebuild and relax, Natural Weight using the ayurvedic method for healthy vitality and Rebuilding Detox for a natural energy reboot. These ageless wellness journeys aim to rebalance the body, free the mind and revitalise the soul.

Strengthening the rise of cosmetic & wellness partnership tourism, the Algarve’s clifftop resort, Vila Vita Parc, has partnered with the French cosmetic brand Sisley Paris to launch the property’s new look state-of-the-art 17,250sq ft spa which opens in September 2018, making it the first Sisley-branded spa in Portugal.


As the battle for youth continues, keep smiling, those lines are only wrinkles!