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If you have been left puzzled by the recent craze for ‘unicorn food’, and have been wondering why we need pastel coloured food and drink, then you may be somewhat dismayed to read about the trend for brides to swap flowers in their bouquet for pizza.

If flowers aren’t really your thing, but you love a stuffed crust then maybe a pizza bouquet is just the thing for you to incorporate into your big day. These bouquets are currently only available from a pizzeria in the United States; where they come in bouquet format or as a button-hole for the groom, and are made of ‘freshly prepared pizza dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh California tomatoes and zesty pepperoni.’  The food fantasy of food stylist Jessie Bearden and Villa Pizza, the pizza is ‘sculpted’,  to look like real flowers, with all sorts of swirly patterns and dough petals. It’s certainly a bouquet that would be worthy of Instagram.


Indeed this year we have seen some crazy food trends, many of which I could never have predicted. 2018 so far has been a year that has seen us developing a liking for rainbow bagels, arty lattes, smoothie bowls and it’s the year we saw milkshakes being replaced by freakshakes.

It’s also a year where plates have been forgotten in favour of wooden boards and slates and we have developed a love of bowls; with us eating absolutely everything  from smoothies to sushi, in bowls. If asked what I want for Christmas this year I may well say , “Please can plates make a comeback next year?”

Whilst we’ve been pre-occupied with gut health, courgetti and buying takeaway coffee I can’t help wondering if we are losing our culinary way. Call me old fashioned, but I miss the days of dining out being a treat, for which you dressed nicely and lapped up the rich sauces, cream laden puddings and devoured the substantial mains without a thought for photographing it for social media or indeed for your ‘free from’ diet. On this note old fashioned as I may be deemed I must say I miss phoning up to make a table reservation. In an age where all the ‘trendy’ dining establishments have shunned the reservation system, I can’t help but pine for the days when I would ring a restaurant, book a table and know it would be ready when I arrived. With the reservation system out of the window it means you have to leave your email address and number, and hang around for hours until a couple of cramped seats at the bar finally become available, this isn’t my idea of fine dining. Is it time to bring back archaic booking systems? I think so!

So, what are my predictions for 2019, well I see the gin bubble bursting and pirate’s grog taking centre stage in our bars and restaurants. There are plenty of artisan rum companies sprouting up and I predict that there will be some delicious rum cocktails that even Captain Jack Sparrow would approve of by this time next year.  I also see our love of snacking continuing, but this will be coupled with our healthy eating regime, meaning that  we will see dehydrated fruits and vegetables replacing empty calorie snacks such as crisps.

Meanwhile, I don’t see my wish for the plate to return happening, as I predict that the poke bowl trend will continue to grow in popularity. Indeed I predict that sushi will be considered so last year and the poke bowl, which is a raw fish salad from the island of Hawaii will reign supreme. This salad has already delighted many diners and I think next year will see raw fish lovers very happy and the poke bowl being one of the most requested dishes.

Overall,  2019 will be the year of Korean flavours dominating our palettes; with us getting a craving for tofu soups, Korean pickles, kimchi, squid salads and the likes. All this talk of food trends makes me wonder if any countries around the globe have a British food trend going on?  After all it would be jolly nice to know what year cheese on toast, bacon sarnies and roast beef and trimmings will be in fashion!