By Ann Evans


Photos courtesy of Rob Tysall and MCM Comic Con.


Dig out your superhero costumes and put reality on hold as the MCM Comic Con Show comes to the NEC once again.


Comic Con is an event where the visitors provide as much entertainment as the artists as Cosplay enthusiasts create their stunning costumes to reflect their favourite film or video game character, superhero or story book character.


Of course the show provides lots more to see than just a fascinating audience. There are celebrities from the world of TV and film, stands selling all kinds of collectables and replicas, there’s a whole area set aside for comic book and graphic novel writers and illustrators, and much more.


Headlining the show is Billie Piper well known for playing Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. Also appearing together are the stars of TV’s Starsky & Hutch, with actors David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas.  Some of the comedy team from ‘Allo ‘Allo will be making a welcome return – Arthur Bostrom, Guy Siner, Kim Hartman and Richard Gibson. In fact there’s a big line up of celebrities which include Toyah Wilcox, Christopher Biggins and Susan Hampshire.


If you’re an autograph hunter, then note that autographs and photos will cost you. Prices begin at £10 and rise according to the star. See the website for full details and to check which days your favourite personality will be appearing.


For the guys, there’s a bevvy of beauties in the Glamour Mansion, and if you like a bit of rough and tumble, don’t miss Slam Wrestling. This American touring crew who are based in the UK will be teaming up with Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy for some action packed bouts. And should you feel inclined to try it yourself, you can have a go in the Live Beginners Wrestling Training. Personally. I’ll be giving that a miss!


Steampunk is growing rapidly in popularity, and the Steampunk Emporium with the Victorian Steampunk Society will be filled with Steampunk costumes, gadgets, gizmos and rayguns, providing the perfect opportunity to get kitted out for this growing trend.



Robots Live is another lively event with three or four shows happening each day, each lasting 20 minutes. The shows will feature past champions battling against each other, including Apollo, Eruption, TR2 and Behemoth.


It’s the show for collectors, and there will be lots of stalls selling all the best from the worlds of film and TV, Anime and Manga and more. And if you like original art, be sure to explore Comic Village, were comic creators, writers, artists and fans can get together and see some fantastic and original graphic novels, comics and illustrations.


If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you won’t want to miss the Iron Throne Experience, which sees the stunning recreation of Aegon the Conqueror’s spectacular throne, made from the surrendered swords of his enemies.


There’s just so much going on, and to top it all will be the Cosplay Masquerade. Visit the website to register and to find out how to take part.


MCM Comic Con is on 18th and 19th March, visit the website for details.