The expression ‘Bat Out of Hell’ resonates with impulsive and reckless actions. However, in this instance Jim Steinman’s Bat Out of Hell Musical is an impressive illustration of smooth and swashbuckling dance sequences swept across the stage at the Dominion Theatre, London.


Entwined in all of the above is a love story during the post-apocalyptic Manhattan era. Indeed, a group of insurgent youths labelling themselves as ‘The Lost’ is led by Strat (played by Andrew Polec) who fight against the oppressive regime led by Falco (played by Rob Fowler).

Strat takes an immediate liking to Falco’s daughter, Raven (played by Christina Bennington), and as such their zest for daring teenage adventures that they embark upon is a focal point of the musical. To fittingly illustrate this there is a scene where Strat and Raven revel on a motorbike to fire up the stage.


Falco’s wife Sloane (played by Sharon Sexton) reaches a threshold with his crave to control her and makes imminent plans to leave him. Consequently, here powerful singing voice left an infectious impact on the audience.

The majority of the songs played throughout are from Meat Loaf’s most storied hits, including Dead Ringer For Love and the iconic I’d Do Anything For Love. The background street art is dazzling and the rock ’n’ roll tempo ensures that there is an intimate feel between the audience and cast.


Attending a date with hell is ironically an absolute privilege where entertainment is optimum. Indeed, a ‘domino’ effect at the Dominion can be achieved by clicking here






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