Cheers! to the art of Photography

In a stressful urban life it’s important to positively distract oneself frequently with healthy mindful activities. Travel, photography and mingling with kids has been my top mental de-tox.  Since long I have been experimenting with food/beverage & product photography. Objectively I know when the angle, lights and presentation is right then surely the result is a technically good photograph, but as per my understanding, when the thought & emotion behind the photograph gets aptly conveyed to the observer, only then the result is artistic! Here’s presenting my experimental work from the past 1 year which I have clicked at home, restaurants, hotels as I ‘clicked’ with joy!

Frozen Apple Squash sprinkled with mini apple cubes. Made by Aadit Nagaonkar, Mumbai

Chocolate Cookie Sandwich made by Aadit Nagaonkar, Mumbai

Continental Dinner served at Hotel Taj Gateaway, Nasik

Milk chocolate shake with a cherry topping made by Aadit Nagaonkar, Mumbai

Morning Tea before work starts is re-boots me!

In fun mood as we experiment with food and photography! 8 year old Aadit Nagaonkar & me

Biscuit cake made by Aadit Nagaonkar, Mumbai

Sonography of a Sprite bottle!

Mind Matterz’s merchandise ‘Emotions’ Chocolate brand photography

Mind Matterz’s merchandise ‘Emotions’ Chocolate brand photography

Cool mocktails at Courtyard Restaurant, Andheri, Mumbai


*Special thanks to parents of Aadit Nagaonkar, Dr. Santoshi Nagaonkar & Dr. Smita Nagaonkar to encourage Aadit to experiment with food/beverages, due to which I could click the snaps.