Recently Mumbai has opened up on various fronts. Though Mumbai’s railway service is still not operational, people are moving around in buses & private vehicles for their work and addressing important matters. ‘Work from Home’ ‘Binging media content’ and ‘Home Delivery’ is the new norm!  Due to the medical scare, the city’s social and cultural life has dried up. The only form of entertainment is the television and the various OTT platforms available online. Its nice that various cinema, reality shows, television serials and web series are easily available for people to positively distract from their limited ‘pandemic’ version life.

One such OTT content that got me intrigued is a Turkish television serial named ‘Fatmagul’. Few years back, the Hindi dubbed version of this television show use to be telecasted on a Hindi/Urdu television channel named ‘Zee Zindagi’. Here’s the Hindi version trailer of the TV series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JyyRvOC45E  I remember seeing some glimpses of it while flicking television channels but I really didn’t bother to follow that serial then. But during the lockdown I thought of giving it a try and as per my rule of choosing good content, I saw first 10 episodes of the serial and then decided to watch all the episodes. I was mesmerized with every aspect of the Hindi dubbed version of this TV serial, that I found on the OTT platform named MXPlayer. This serial is dubbed in multiple language in 37 countries! Besides the Indian sub-continent, the serial has gained popularity in the countries of Balkan region, German speaking nations, Africa, Russia, Europe and various Asian countries. As per media analytics the demand of this TV serial in United States is 79.4%. The English version is titled as ‘What is Fatmagul’s fault’?  Here is the English version of this TV series trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43dvNLah2nQ

FGProduced by Turkish production Company named Ay Yapim, “Fatmagul” is based on a novel written by prominent Turkish political activist- Vedat Turkali. The female protagonist named Fatmagul, is a young innocent woman who is raped one night by three men, which shatters her life. Her fiancee dumps her, and she is forced to marry a man who witnessed her rape. Fatmagul vows to fight and embarks on a journey to seek justice.

This TV serial touched my soul for multiple reasons. Firstly, it unfolds the plots and sub-plots in a very intriguing manner. Secondly the casting and the characters have portrayed ‘realistic’ acting. And above all the story revolves around a social theme and has the potential to create social awareness regarding the plight of a gang rape victim and how she deserves justice. It promotes woman empowerment through a mass media tool like television and OTT platforms. The theme is sensitive and may generate strong emotions, but believe me, the treatment of the content, directed by the talented Turkish director Hilal Saral, is dealt with optimum grace. The lead actors and the supporting actors are classy and have justified their roles respectively. The beautiful Beren Saat (main female protagonist of the story playing the role of Fatmagul) and the handsome Turkish hunk Engin Akyurek (the male lead) have amazing screen chemistry in all the highs and lows of the story.  The adorable locations of Istanbul and surrounding areas of Izmir/Ildir have been beautifully picturized in such a way that travel freaks may get motivated to visit the locations shown in the series. The background music created by Toygar Isikli is excellent too and is available on itunes! Here is a YouTube link of the soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnItoyZOb_I I purchased 2 background tunes and thereby acknowledge the efforts of the team of Fatmagul to have made such a master piece in TV serials category.


Beren Saat & Engin Akyurek (right)

I believe its just not the responsibility of police and judicial systems of a country to address injustice. Media professionals too should consciously create responsible content to create awareness and kindle hope among its audience, just like the team of ‘Fatmagul’ have created. Watching this TV series certainly made me think on various topics related to social injustice, about the difference between rich and the poor, about woman empowerment and above all believing in the power of good media content. Fiction transports you into a different space altogether. Though I live in Mumbai, after a hard day of ‘work from home’, the TV serial use to transport me to Istanbul (without VISA!) every night. Also, I made sure that I didn’t binge watch it, as I wanted to look forward for each day to catch up with the interesting content which I wanted to gradually unfold on the screen. By watching 1 episode per day, my 80 days of the lockdown were certainly put to good use!

Photo Courtesy: Free Internet Sources