UnivWales Reciting my Marathi poem ‘Aai’ in front of all British audience, who requested me to present a poem in my native language Marathi. Location: University of Wales, Newport, 2012.

Exactly 6 years before, my very first article got released in www.b-c-ing-u.com I got this opportunity after I introduced myself to the members of Society of Women Writers and Journalist, U.K through an email. It so happened that after reading my profile Lyn Funnell, the Founder/Editor of www.b-c-ing-u.com responded to my email, proposing me to write for her U.K based online publication! I initially thought it was just a one-time article writing proposal, but after submitting my very first article in the January of 2014, Lyn confirmed my inclusion as a regular writer for the publication. Though Lyn wanted me to write weekly, I chose the fortnightly release of my articles, as I wanted to do equal justice to all 3 different professions I juggle with a smile! After being established as a teacher and a practicing Psychologist, since last 6 years I am consistently focussed on building my writing career.

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My Marathi poem ‘Mujra Maticha’ acknowledging my native state-Maharashtra. (2008)

Like is the case with growth, every phase, acts as a steppingstone to the next phase of life. As if the preceding stage is creating the eligibility and potential for the following phase! A week back, nostalgic memories flooded my mind, as I felt nice of the feeling of completing 6 years of my association with Lyn and www.b-c-ing-u.com Writing has been a part of my identity since childhood. During my high school days, I had been active on presenting creative work. Poems written in English, Hindi (national language), Marathi (state language & my mother tongue) & Urdu flowed out of my ink pen during my school and college years. Besides this, since teenage, I use to cathartically express my thoughts on paper as I went through the ups and downs of life. Journal writing thus became a part of my lifestyle, especially when the sky of my life was full of ‘dark’ clouds.


My Hindi poem ‘Halahal’ written in year 2013

In the early 2000s, as I got internet savvy, I realised the potential of the web medium to share my thoughts and writing work globally. Simultaneous to writing columns for local Marathi newspapers like Tarun Bharat & Samna, I use to connect with creative like-minded people via the internet. My very first collaboration was with a U.K based song writer named Jeremy Allard, who was my co-lyric writer of the song ‘Faith’. Here is the link to it: https://soundcloud.com/shraddha-sankulkar/where-there-is-faith   Shrivatsa Kulkarni (Mumbai) & Swapnil Digde (Sangli), were other budding composers & music directors then, who collaborated with me to create music. It is such a joyful feeling when one’s lyrics are put to tune and then orchestrated with the right musical instruments! Here is a link to a Hindi song I wrote then: https://soundcloud.com/swapnildigde/jai-hai, which Swapnil musically rendered it into a nice patriotic song.



Visiting U.K for a Creative Writing crash course, at University of Wales, Newport in 2012 was yet another opportunity. Its there where I met Marie Nicholson, a senior British travel writer who recommended my name to the Society of Women’s Writer and Journalist (SWWJ), U.K for granting an Overseas membership to me. After the membership was granted, its then when I met Lyn, who is also a fellow member of SWWJ. When she offered me the writing opportunity with her magazine, I realized how one’s past creates the eligibility for the future! Since 2014 till date I have enjoyed writing for B-C-ing-U and I am confident that my past 6 years of experience & exposure will act as a stepping stone to my future as a writer. This year onwards, I have resolved to start writing more songs, publish non-fiction-based articles, write fiction, novels and contribute content to the medium of cinema too. Lyn has been insisting me to publish my work since long, but due to my other work commitments it has so far taken a backseat. I must acknowledge here that, though it is a long-distance working relationship, Lyn has been an inspiring and encouraging soul in my life, who has been the guiding force to the writer in me. On occasion of the 6th anniversary of my association with Lyn and B-C-ing-U, I wish to express my heart felt gratitude to Lyn and best wishes to my fellow writers to achieve the next milestone in their respective writing careers! Best wishes and Happy Writing!

Photo Courtesy: Shraddha. C. Sankulkar & free internet resource


My Marathi poem ‘Mujra Maticha’ acknowledging my native state-Maharashtra. (2008)